Yesterday morning leaving, today hostel

So, yesterday was my last day in NYC  In the morning i had to finish up with UPSing a couple of boxes, put a few things like my computer out for grabbing by my door, and have my walk-through to clear the apartment.

All went well.  Got a few comments of “This is excellent” and “This is great” from the manager and the friendly younger super was with and had no complaints.  Gave them my (Grant’s) forwarding address and I’m receiving my full deposit back.

I then took a taxi down to Penn Station and killed time pleasantly, and had a person call “Springer Mountain?!”.  Was another hiker who was training down  We then on the train were chatting and saw another hiker looking young guy get on and got his attention.  Then we’re all chatting.

The night was talking, dozing, some eating, talking, yada without really any good sleep which was what I expected anyhow, hence the plan of coming down here early to get the trip out of me.

Now my hips feel like horror.  Tylenol and gaba for my headache from people and muscle relaxer in me, spent time laying flat on the floor and letting hips settle flat along with sliding and tilting, et cetera.  Helps for a moment until i stop.


Yay for thinking ahead.


But the folks down were nice and the train was only full for a while, the hostel runners are very welcoming and easily comfortable-y.  Its one of the cushiest hostels I’ve been in.  Totally cool.

That’s it for now, have to deal with hips some more.

Pics and link to my YouTube vid made yesterday morning (these’ll be part of the ingoing stuffs now and then.


Emptied old place:

2016-02-25 08.58.54

2016-02-25 08.58.59

2016-02-25 08.59.10



[yt4wp-video video_id=”kzKvjCjmkwA”]



HikerHostel’s downstair social area:2016-02-26 11.59.19

2016-02-26 11.59.23

2016-02-26 11.59.26


Long delay between above writing and now:   have had a lot of randomly passing out on couches but not sleeping really, good talks, went off with a 3-liner on one person…

…and told the younger man I met on the train after more chillin’ today that if he wasn’t feeling that unhappy-might-be-sick I’d hit on him so to please take the thought for the deed.

Showered and in loungjng clothes since mid-day, rocking one of my Keuka Lake tourist t-shirts haha.


[yt4wp-video video_id=”5GDwu1zR-e0″]

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