Less than a week from leaving NYC

Was really spazzing until yesterday when people actually took my couch from me.  Now I can see things better and feel better about where I’m at in moving out.


Bathroom, kitchen, and two closets are empty except for what little I need to just get me to the end of this week here.


Moving the rest of my not-getting-rid-of stuff into the living room and then shutting down the bedroom.  Anything people don’t randomly grab by Sunday night is getting taken out and set next to the recycle area to grab from.


Kate is supposed to come by Monday to hang out some and get her lighting set.


Won’t be seeing any other Deltas til the GRUE or at least October.


Winter pack is gonna be heavy til I can rule out at the first or second mail drop what I can unload. Am packing for very cold days/nights of bad weather in everything plus light clothing enough I can hike during warmer time without sweating my ass off.


Have to carry two sleeping bags in my sleep system because I sleep so cold. “Get a 0 degree bag?” “You just want to shirk on getting a proper sleep system”. Asses. In my last 5 degree bag I spent 3 nights at about 40 degrees where I was so cold I couldn’t sleep.  The 20 degree quilt I have sometimes keeps me warm at 18 degrees, other times painfully freezing at 30. My 0 degree bag is same way… Except doesn’t keep me warm below 15 degrees.   So my sleep system has ended up a 0 degree bag with a 20 degree quilt in it that has me in it with 3-4 layers of clothing on.


“Do some jumping Jacks or push-ups before you get into bed and you’ll be fine, it’ll get your body heat up”.  Yeah, that makes a real difference when going to sleep you’re warm but it’s an or or four later that you’re suddenly awake and awful feeling.


I’m bringing a bottle to use as a hot water bottle, especially as I need to sleep with my drinking water.


People who don’t really sleep cold, I mean *really don’t* don’t get it.  Guys (and it’s always males it seems that I’ve had it said to me or I’ve seen/heard it said to another person) don’t get there’s a difference between warming up the inside of your sleeping bag fast when getting in or getting chilly at night if not enough stuff, period, and having your body do a major drop in temperature control after falling asleep sometimes.


So yeah, I get to start with 2 sleeping bags to layer + extra clothing layers that may only get used at night until the world starts getting warmer in a few months.


its gonna be a heavy pack at first.  especially with a bit more food carried as im vegan and cant count on as easy restock as omnivores along the way.



Am getting excited.  Doing the last stuff at this apartment needed to clear it later this coming week and leave plus all the tweaks and prep left for weight dropping where i can, bounce box tweaking too, boxing up the stuff to send to my wonderfully supportive Delta Family members who are helping me with many big and little things “back home” to do this.


My Family as a whole have been very positive and supportive of my decision to do this.  Taking it on.  That’s great.


Off!  Stuff to do!


Photos of the past coupla months of food prep, shutting down the house, items packed to take the the Emersons’, and my empty place.

Photo Jan 18, 19 11 26


Photo Jan 18, 19 11 32


2016-02-08 16.38.34


Photo Feb 11, 00 47 49


Photo Feb 11, 00 49 16

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