I need more (good) sex,  figuring may get sorta a man-buffet (name as man as are more common, but females in there too) experience with folks a shared interest.  Mixed sex shelters…tents…woods…  If it’s like past hiking and camping, military field and detachment times, and with hostels ( and sometimes seen but not done, buses) in Europe, at the minimum I’ll have a few happy one or two-night stands.

Plus how that connects to maybe finding something more serious with someone.


But yeah.  I need good sex. Hoping opportunities for males hiking along the trail over the course of approximately 6 months….


On another topic:  my insulated Vibram Fivefingers came in and after the first day of “woah, weird” I’m finding I like them a lot.


Intending to have next post to be more about my camping stuff


But this isn’t going to be fully gear oriented or heavily emotional, either.  It’s going to be a record for me about this deal and reading back someday I want it right.  🙂

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