Buying and reserving

So, as of last week or so I purchased my Amtrak ticket to Gainesville, GA and contacted the hostel I plan to stay at for a few days to get the train trip out of my body and ready to head out.


Am so in love with my backpack, but am gonna have to see if I can send it back to pay for a mod on it… Due to my short torso the shoulder strap attachments to the frame need changed.


I can use it okay if I do everything just right and tighten my straps all the way to the fullest tightness, but I have a constant issue of them being raised off my shoulders.  The place they at shortest attach is too high for where my shoulders are in distance from my hips. I’m on the borderline of adult vs children’s pack frame sizing so I’m not shocked. I’d hoped things would work out fine but hey.


Been weighing everything on a postal scale I bought. Base weight currently is now 16lbs, will see if that goes up or down depending on how the quilt I ordered works out.


My full weight is still too high, imo, but the heavy bits there are my water and food so I’m trying to see wear I can shave elsewhere but… Sigh…  I’m a multi-purposer, window-shopping all over for lighter versions of what I can’t do away with, am not someone to take extras unneeded.

Shaving down further is getting harder and harder, of course. But as long as I get minimal weight, I feel, and have properly what I (only) need for a safe and as pleasant as realistic hike then I’ll be happy no matter the final number.

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