Alcohol stove, candy making, and disappointment.

So, denatured alcohol arrived and my alcohol stove got tested. On one ounce of alcohol it boiled 2 cups of water in just about 4 minutes, then went out around 5.


Nice and light and hot in short time, but at a 5 minute burn per ounce that means carrying the same or more fuel for it compared to my canister stove. Gotta sit and do a boil test on my canister stove to see.


Dehydrating more foods, store bought and home made.  Currently chilling a try at making my own peanut butter cups.


Contacted zpacks and found out my stuff wouldn’t be shipped until the 6th of August or so on. That pushes my bike back a week or two depending on its arrival and gear sorting. Gr.  frustrating.


I just find myself antsy to get going.  Getting all ready and excited.


My physical maps from the FLT folks came. Are great, but of course info parts are written expecting the person to be walking east so I’ll end up not finding them terribly useful. Yep in ways – they tell distances between spots they think you should know, so I’ll know how far til the next town or shelter, stuff like that.   Good stuff, I’m just going backward for them lol.



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