6-11-16 Showing the backyard of the hostel and, yeah, lice.

Okay, short entry here.


Slept late after last night out and was bumming around the hostel after it got dark.  I took a video just to share with people what the back courtyard and “bar” look like.  It’s the general social area outdoors where folks hang out a lot and is fairly pretty.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”sGE6P6fRI7o”]


Oh, and later I was on my second Mai Tai (the first had me half-way through talking by text with my Deltas and girlfriend laying on my back in an open area in the hostel where folks don’t walk much because the rum hit me so hard… and after a long while of that I later got another and did the same all over again) making this video about how I’d walked into my 6 person room that just happens to have all females in it to find 3 talking about how they found out the 2 French girls have lice and one of the three (the one in the bunk under me!) might have caught it.

So, yeah.  Vid:


[yt4wp-video video_id=”qIrps0Gk0GI”]

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