6-8-16 to 6-9-16 Arrival in Jamaica, Kingston’s Reggae Hostel

Spent a very tiring time getting to Jamaica, starting in Worcester, MA on the 8th and arriving on the 9th.

Pictures and videos!

2016-06-08 09.01.10

2016-06-08 14.21.53

2016-06-08 14.21.57


Beauty between USA and Cuba


2016-06-09 09.04.22

2016-06-09 09.38.21

2016-06-09 09.38.33

2016-06-09 09.38.39

2016-06-09 09.39.49

2016-06-09 09.40.32

2016-06-09 09.40.35


First a longish video of flying in an down through the clouds.  Can’t tell if my voice is being heard or not as I was trying to be polite and not annoy neighbors and might even been drowned out by plane buzz.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”bdfjo7TYXbQ”]


Coming into landing over Kingston area.

2016-06-09 09.47.01

2016-06-09 09.46.51

2016-06-09 09.46.54

2016-06-09 09.47.12-2

2016-06-09 09.47.15-2

2016-06-09 09.48.17



Now on the ground, heading to hostel!

The drive in:

2016-06-09 09.58.43 HDR-2


I got to ride on the left side of the road for the first time plus just lovely scenery!

[yt4wp-video video_id=”c0kuyCfC_fc”]


2016-06-09 10.00.59

2016-06-09 10.01.03-1  2016-06-09 10.01.17

2016-06-09 10.02.55 HDR-2

2016-06-09 10.03.02-1

2016-06-09 10.08.10

2016-06-09 10.08.11-2

2016-06-09 10.08.20-1 2016-06-09 10.08.25

2016-06-09 10.08.35-1

2016-06-09 10.09.16

2016-06-09 10.09.21

2016-06-09 10.09.29


As we got into the main street coming into Kingston, itself, road vendors became common. This man came up trying, among other things, to sell charger cords.  Taxi driver chatted with him and telling him no until our light changed.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”6sQ_t2vfyfg”]


I have a comfy Bunk Bed of Death – it’s comfortable but it slightly tips when I get up climbing it and is sort of wobbly.  The hostel is beautiful and clean, personnel are really nice and helpful.

2016-06-09 12.15.45


[yt4wp-video video_id=”cUcsGOHGcqo”]


On showing ID to get to airport from NYC Port Authority I somehow lost my driver’s license.  First day settling in here I lost my passport/wallet/etc. by settling into a locker and then walking to another room… I came back realizing I didn’t have it on me in the kitchen and saw I’d locked two lockers and only had the key, somehow, for one of them.

Eventually I had to asked staff to break the second locker’s lock to check and see if I’d left it in there, only to find a single pair of my socks.

Much more frustration and concern and I ended up finding them in my main compartment of my backpack.


At at that point I used the card I wanted to arrange my tickets up to Ocho Rios and back by bus and went to take a damn nap as I’d lost and found items around me multiple times by then but not to that degree.  I accepted that until I slept I was a menace to myself.


Two hour nap turned in 5 hour, a headache and couple hours awake, night meds, woke at about 8:30am feeling not perfect but a lot better.

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