Comments sent today and test runs!

I’ve been dehydrating and FoodSaver’ing like mad. It’s impressive.

To Grant earlier:  

Fresh supplying and bounce-boxing things’ll be pretty easy I think as the FLT goes through and by so many spots. Need to work out the little bit of resupply I’ll need with you. I’ll set up shipping accts like we talked about for the AT.
Unless something goes wrong or needs fixed, the point of having my meds shipped to me through you is the only real thing I can think of for this trip. My docs can cover me with my non-controlled meds but my 2 controlled ones they can’t give out that many at once.
And dude I got pot cozies to conserve fuel and convenience! Bought one, then the alcohol stove I got came with one for the little Tupperware container I didn’t expect with it.
Got my alternate and warmer set of clothes while with Kodak and Paul at REI last week. Am laying out my stuff and my stuff -except for my sleeping bag- is very tiny.

Later with Kodak on text:

Just did a test of my canister stove in my bathtub. Seeing how it decides to be when it turns on, how well the control works, burner style as its new to me since I last bought a whiiile back and this one looks neato.

Totally sweet.

Just now here on my own, did a test of the wax cotton ball style to compare to the Vaseline I’ve done. Am impressed.  Small one burned for 15 minutes and hot enough to bring two cups of water up to approximately 190-195 degrees.

Currently testing out the pot cozy to see how long reasonable hotness lasts, checking now and then.
Tomorrow alcohol for alcohol stove arrives. I’m testing out a variety of fire/cooking methods to see what I think.
Already arranging supplies of meds for a coupla months to pick up at the pharmacy instead of mailed while gone, secure messaged another. Those’ll be part of my bounce-box and Family doing resupply of meds that need signed for by mail since I can’t get that long of proscription on as they’re controlled substances.
Had to order more FoodSaver bags lol.

Keep forgetting to order more MedicAlert tags. And add backup body jewelry to BB.
Just did check on large pot in cozy. Still about the same temp and it’s been 20 minutes. I’m impressed. They (site and people review/talking about it) weren’t kidding. Will save fuel and cook no-brains style in a big way.

Electric concerns being tested with new gear that arrived today. Holy fuck. Grey-ass day in my window and my new solar screens and battery went it up to full charge!!  I figured grey day plus natural building shadow hours that I’d get a minimum of charging to show for the day. Impressed.

Also, 70% charging of low iPad in 4 hrs 20 mins about off the full battery yesterday and the battery was only down to around 1/4, itself. Currently letting my iPhone run down so I can do a time test on that, too.

I plan on minimal interaction with my electronics and focusing on the nature around me, but will be uploading comments and pics to here as it feels right and making check-ins with my main doc every two weeks by text.

Loving my gear as it’s coming together. Light, compact, well-working so far now as I’m touching it up.



Half hour later and the pot water is cooler but still hot. Temp where food could keep rehydrating and heating or finished food fresh or dried could be eaten with blowing off the spork a bit each bite.

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