4-16-16 Gorgeous day heading north up the Appalachian Trail – Many Images!

Apr 16


After the previous day I was blessed with a perfect, beautiful one for hiking. The temp was just right: that balance where it feels warm and cool at the same time. The hills were mild climbs and descents, water was reliable, the sun was out and it was all just lovely.

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Had another hiker pass me and comment on it being so and I agreed.

Some lovely pics of my Trail time.

2016-04-16 09.17.52 HDR-2

2016-04-16 10.51.16

2016-04-16 10.51.20


Once again, I think I’ve mentioned it before but maybe not, the brilliance of hikers. On streams that run in such a way as to not be able to get water from them, sometimes a leaf can be put in place to act as a faucet.

2016-04-16 11.23.00

2016-04-16 11.54.15


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