4-13-16 to 4-14-16 Methuen to Dick’s Creek Gap to Just a Bit From GA/NC Line – On The Road Again

Note to readers:  I’ve started posting my picture “thumbnails” in a much larger size.  I could say “for better clarity for those who don’t click them”, but in truth because it’s just easier to pick a drop-down list size than keep putting in a custom one.


April 13


Finished seam sealing, minor door mod, had to fix a leak coming from my Sawyer inline filter, organized meds and food better for Grant to deal with.  I’ve got my Great Smokey Mountains 2nd park pass.  Learned to repack things due to new tent, did laundry, generally got ready.

Ended up deciding to give the Tarptent.com Notch but with my Zpacks tent easily grabable by Grant if it just can’t stand up to AT life, though I’ve heard good reviews of that.   Same weight, huge vesituble, wayyyyyyfaster to setup and tear down (I did speed tests….the slow each way was about 4 minutes, but that was with unfamiliar.

Taking down the tent after massive rain and still light rain, I had a go at a trying it without getting the inner mesh and floor living by using the wet tarp top to keep the water from rain or it from getting a lot from the outside of the wet tarp.  Seems it worked pretty well.  Will have a better check, of course, with it when I put it up again tonight.


April 14


9AM-ish Tweet:

Am in process of heading south to get back to the Appalachian Trail now that ankle is mostly healed and gear seems ready. #AppalachianTrail

2016-04-13 09.46.09


9:47 AM Tweet

On the first train, trying not to fall asleep but keeping alarm on phone just in case. Already almost dropped Ipad I was internetting on.


Arrived in the morning, started hiking again in Dick’s Creek Gap.

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2016-04-14 13.42.45

2016-04-14 13.54.53


I shut down just a coupla miles or so from the GA/NC border cuz my ankle said, “nope, listen to me”.  Found a beautiful campsite.

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