Minor Prep

Have started doing just the basics beyond the, you know, updating ancient heavier gear and whatnots.

The Finger Lakes Trail is much less complex, for me, than the Appalachian Trail will be just in being familiar with the area so much.

I’m laying things out, bought my second set of sneakers, making trail food vac baggies, wax and vaseline cotton balls, more pantyhose for tops or bottoms to experiment with altering…

…litting things like those that take no major amount of effort other than the trail food supply creation.  Omnivores, I know this isn’t such a big deal for you but being vegan even on trails that go through or near a lot of towns that doesn’t always mean easy resupply.  Am making sure I can maintain 5 days worth of food in my pack at all times even if just in case of some bizarre emergency.

Got the same set of sneakers as I have because they are so comfortable both dry and wet, and they dry out after a soaking fast I found out.  Went to the shoe store on a mission and could find the model but the black ones all had white soles which I recalled hating last time and still did.  I finally found a single pair that fit me, oddly a full size larger than my current.  Then I recalled I had been back and forth between the male and female sections looking at this model before and had itch that that was the fix I found.

Sure enough, found my same sneakers there – color and size I own – because I’d bought them in the male section before as they don’t have black on black ones in female colors.


But problem solved.

Have another pair of the ExOfficio panties on the way and need to sew the two bras I have of theirs that I love and will be using in the front bit and shorten the straps as I realized I needed to after a short while of wearing the first one day.  The material is awesome but to fit my breast size the bra has to be at a size where the natural stretch of it vs. breast weight causes fall-outs.  Taking in the straps and bringing the front together just a leeeeetle bit keeps it breezy and comfy but with the support needed and stops breast escapes.

Other things, as mentioned above.  Laying things out and figuring weights I should be doing pretty awesome.


Side-topic:  Kodak laughed when I told her about having used body lube in the past and buying it for long hikes again and where all it ends up going on me.  Chicky doesn’t know what 20 miles a day can cause in rubbing even with perfect feet, clothing, and gear.  And if nothing else, my feet are never perfect.  Rebuilding adds an additional element I did not encounter with my natural feet prior to surgeries.  Also:  buttcrack skin-rubbing that doesn’t occur when you just walk 5 miles or around a town.  I almost bathe in the stuff haha so my description to her I have to admit comes out pretty comical.

Now, back to chillin’.  Night meds and a book and maybe more work on painting my fingernails.

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