9-14-17 (Bangkok, Thailand) Artist Life



As I’ve mentioned here and mainly on my chats and FB sorts of posts about how this accidentally seems to be an artist loft I fell into.   There are decorations done here and there from owners and previous tenants; All of us seem to be artistic in some manner.  Paint of various sorts, drawing (played some drawing games I didn’t know on a party night downstairs!), my normal stuff plus aerials and acrobatics…  some have dayjobs, mostly in teaching.


I became a “LABEL YOUR FOOD” Nazi, supplying tape and pen ON THE FRIDGE, for folks after I’d spent over 9 hours cleaning it early in my time here.  A tiny amount did so and then nothing, of course.

Well, I’ve not added anything to the house of my own and it set me into a sense of my silly to start giving the inanimate objects around the place comments.


The first was a joke that presented itself was the microwave having a sandwich toaster on top, both right up next to the fridge on a stand.   The sandwich thing apparently needs unplugged and left open to cool.  So someone taped on top of it “Cool me off!”.


I saw this and my internal laugh began… the fridge made a suggestive come-on to the sandwich maker about how he could cool her down anytime.  The microwave took offense and told the fridge to back up off his girl.


Months went by and those stayed there making me giggle a little every time I see them.


Then I eyed the big orange tape I’d set up that no one was using.


The spice shelf felt put upon.

The bookcase has some “book larn’in'”.

And I can’t believe how long the kitchen light switch maintained you should press her button to turn her on.


Eventually the spice shelf and (expected) lightswitch comments were removed.


By then I’d gotten to wanting to play around more.

I made an orange tape man who looks like he’s using tubing around a pillar as a ledge as he grasps the side of the “building”.

Small enough to walk by, large enough to wonder how the fuck you walked by it.


He’s stuck around.


I used my increased upper body strength to cause one to be hanging by his hands over the drop down one of the stairways.  Strength came in that I had to make him from stair-side since heavy sheetrock was in the way to do it from above and he was far enough out that I couldn’t get his farthest parts and especially hands drawn right from where I was.  After some failed ideas I settled on grabbing one metal rung of the stair handle, lean my entire body out trusting just that hold and finish drawing him in.  Then pulling myself back in.


So far he’s stayed.  The owner of three who kinda runs the day to day house setup/arrangements noticed him when I mentioned that I was the one doing them as we were chilling watching the new big piece here of graffiti art by a member leaving the next morning.  He said he figured it was me and that they were like easter-eggs.


I’m continuing my stealth missions on them.  In a place where around 13 people live at different schedules it’s tricky to be sneaky.  I like them being a silly surprise.  I hope they are liked well enough to stay.  I’d like to have my own lasting contribution to the warehouse’s growing personality.Some whimsy.


Anyhoo, here’s a pic of the new graffiti:

(At the end it was decided that the elephant that is usually there would be returned to the spot as an accent to the piece lolol)


And my silly little dudes:

I could make a big mark, but my little dudes lend a utterly simplistic cartoonish effect that I hope Ian will see fit to maintain here.  Keeping viewing them in the right spirit:  little house easter eggs.

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