8-8-17 (Still Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, Thailand) A Little Later

Made this its own post as the other became so long and rambly.



From Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, Thailand




The sound of the train brought into my mind “I Have Seen It All”.   I didn’t realize where it came from until I’ve been listening and singing it both along in my mind together and out loud very quietly for around 4-7 minutes.   I love the video/scene. A sweet and joyful and sad and raw beauty to it.  The ideas put forth, alone, in the lyrics are neat.   Ways of looking at things that never really gathered for me before.  There’s a section in the middle I find a bit annoying, but the verses and chorus should make you listen to it.

If you are unaware of the song, it is part of a larger odd and slam-you ending, I cautiously strongly suggest it.  Song:

[yt4wp-video video_id=”N8FJyhnC2Eo”]


The vendors have been going up and down the aisle.  A woman with a tray of various fruits, another with some deserts, a man carrying a small bucket of ice and soft drinks, a woman with a basket of meats, another woman with tray and different desert items, just now a man with a big tray of small something that looked like pieces of cake as he walked by.   Hearing them call sharply and loud to get the attention to sell.  

Another woman, this time a plastic milk crate of bottles of fresh juices.

Remember when you used to have to steal milk crates?

The horn of the train is very pain but short.  Serious downside.  It makes me jump hard and pierces my eardrums for that moment it feels like.  Mental note to bring ear plugs next time.  Might put on my headphones to try to cover it but I’m so enjoying the wind being pushy with that force and almost like a  slap as it shakes and slaps my right cheek.  Little stray hairs out of my bun are out and dancing and wiggling in the air.  The smells of green and greased and wood smoke and the space of train around where I sit.  I don’t want to give them up from the horrid screech-blast of the horn.  I’m betting escape from it will win, though.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”vZWJtX6sO7E”]



Ironically, while I can’t hear certain tones here and there I also have a very high sensitively to others where there’s sometimes physical pain enough that I… you know… didn’t use that subway station near my house for about 3 weeks and finally was sick of it and needed to use that one to get to a place shortly and I hoped they were finally done.  But, nope.  I ended up pushing through with my hands over my ears and trying to curl away from it for protection as I run past it as fast as I could function with it (the pain it causes is enough and of a type that my body wants to cringe and curl up to try for protection from it but I fight against it just doing that on its own and end up not being able to actually run.  But I got by with my hands over my ears and crying by the time I got from the nearest place to it to inside the subway station.    

They were using a big jackhammer on concrete. 

So, that was part of my pre-nomad times.  And that’s a sample of what the current battle there is between feeling FUCKITJUSTWON

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