6-27-17 (Bangkok, Thailand) Last minute plans: Going to the small LGBT bar/cafe.







Up all last night with at first one of the landlord, Ian, and two warehousemates, James and Kirsten.  Which at about 4am waned down to no Ian.   Sad at a table talking with three people passing  cocaine around and using their BTS cards to establish lines while using rolled up baht to snort…  


This was a new one for me, despite many past friends doing many drugs.  


However, it was a nice night and Kirsten and I agreed we need to go out to lunch or something to hang out as we’ve clearly both similar in some alt ways – as usual, shared hair details grabbed each other’s eye when I moved in but we’ve only ever done the passing “hi” thing. 


She’s also tomorrow taking me to her disreputable pharmacist so I can buy more of Klonopin as the doc here isn’t prescribing enough and I think the hospital pharmacy is seriously, seriously over-charging me based on treatment and meds cost back when I fell and cracked my skull at a different hospital here.  


I can’t get enough to be healthy until my payday deposit so trying this route to get enough to carry me.  I’ve been stretching my 1mg in morning and night and then up to three additional .5mg tablets a day depending on my judgment of need I’ve been assigned for years.  


Instead the past few days I’ve gotten .5mg morn and night and maaaaaaaybe 1 extra if god awful needed.   As of yesterday I have 3mg worth of tablets to stretch. 


So guess who has had stuff disappearing and being seen out and about and/or acting bizarre enough that Kirsten basically opened last night that she’s been concerned about me when she’s seen me a few times. 


One of which was the awesome kitty-face change purse I bought in trip to Tasmania at a street market before boarding ferry to go to the museum music event that was/is such a big deal to me…    I remember having it in my hands and deciding not to go grab stuff at the corner store and going to put it down and from there it’s gone. 


:(.  I loved that change purse for the kitty, place, and why all in it.


On mentioning it last night in chatting Kirsten reached into her bag and gave me one of her change purses.   Sweet gesture I’ll have to it but still 🙁 


Things don’t go well when Rumpus’s anxiety meds aren’t on track.  Those are just some of the examples.  



So, “Breakin’ the Law, Breakin’ the Law” to help continue prescribed meds. 






Bangkok acquaintances have been a bad influence on me, so far I’ve illegally helped grind grain by hand and tried a small balloon of laughing gas on a night out…


First Delta has made me a drinker and now Bangkok…


(Lol, before Camp with Delta I drank less alcohol than I do in a single day there and it has increased over the years to as much as I used to in 5 or 6 combined…  and let’s not even talk about the Fam inside-joke day drinking last year) 


But gotta say, that led to my secretly desired list-check of When-Harry -Met-Sally’ing, by going out on a night I normally wouldn’t grown some out of you.  So thank you for helping me get a chance to do that. 










At that LGBT gathering there was a Hottie Afrikaner girl who came in the evening later, after we’d been playing the various games with two others who were a couple.


Le he walked around to the right of the table and eyes locked on and brain went “ooooooooo 0_0”.    I popped during a soon quieter to her a call that I really liked her hair – bleached high blonde and with dark eyeliner – and she replied she really liked mine and the typical smiles and thanks between we’re exchanged, you know.    A bit later found she was a friend/acquaintance of the other two girls who were in our game group and in a bit leaned over and asked her single status.


They replied she was single, Very Sing and liked girls with pink hair…  and she kinda laughed at overhearing us laughing and her friends referencing her overheard. 


Then my new guyfriend and I found we were both into BDSM life and he knew the kink community here and would help me in an high fives shared and explanations to others on why we have so many overlapping answers in games coming up and that led to very messy trying to explain kink interests and personal experiences and stuff that was confusing and funny. 


Well, I had to leave before  I asked Fet guyfriend there if knew her or how to get in touch after my leaving or anyhad any way to be my local wingman figuring no, since he didn’t know her before that night. 


He had her full name and that she was on FB.  


I had to, for the first time, debate seriously whether I’d go internet creeper on someone.  I said “hey, it’s worthwhile and though douchey would at min be another single tick of my life experiences non-existent list (y’all have seen/heard).


I sent her a FB message.


And I laid my world-famous Mack down on her:


“Hello,  I’m apparently ticking my life box of being that internet creeper, so feel free to disregard this message if feel it!


I left early at the LGBT group night and asked one of the new friends there if they knew how to get in touch with you, be my creepy internet wingman if not a normal online method, and didn’t expect him to know.  But of course I am here.


I’ll state the obvious:


I found you highly attractive on first and continuing sight and you were fun and friendly interacting with our table’s games.  I’d like to pursue you based on that.


if mutually interested I’ll be happy to hear a hello about it.


If not then or after the net creeper angle don’t have mutual feelings I’m fine by it and wish you smiles!”


I know, I’m a sexy and irresistible beast.


She chose to receive my message but hasn’t written back… but sent me a friend request.


I have some solid game. 




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