6-26-17 (Bangkok, Thailand) Unexpected Outing at Near Place

So, Friday or so I heard friendly voices down at street level of one of my landlords and a couple others at the part-time bibcycle shop they have on street level below.  I popped down to say hiya and ended up finding out there is a nearby LGBT place with a party that night and Alex (the friendly landlord) was gonna go.  I decided I would go and check it out, got gussied up and came back down around the time a few of us said we were gonna head out.


Only turned out out it was us two and another warehousemate from upstairs who was gonna stop by and then go to another party spot that night.


It it started out a small group sharing some family food made by the young lady who owns/runs the cafe/bar it is’s mom and chatting around upstairs in small space.


As it came more Open Time for the night we all moved downstairs to the little bar space, it’s about the size of my bedroom here with a nice wooden table down the middle and benches and small shelfs around the edge for sitting at to drink.  Then there is a sitting space outside the front that’s a bricked-walled  cozy spot to hang out on as part of the entrance.   Really cute and cozy.   Nice.


The size and members of the group there through the night shifted and changed, I ended up playing drinking and silly games at one end of the table with 5-9 people at a time, depending.   We were doing Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare using apps.

A lot of alcohol and a lot of laughing.   Found out from a cool guy that there was an active kink community, too, around and he gave me info and we bonded on stuff that was just plain similar in our lives as people and as part of the BDSM world.


A lot lot of silly dares, of course.  Innocent bystanders were pulled in on rare occasions.


The entire vibe was that of friends grouping in the bar/party and not like folks meeting around at a bar like is often the case when parties are at set locales of that type.  The entire grouping inside and out just felt easy and hanging out.


My good phone was lost so I tried to post but couldn’t so put down notes on the cracked and messed up iPhone I’m having to fall back on until I get my Pixel phone replaced.  – That name is still uncomfortable or just too reminding awkward to call my phone after my cat Pixel who grew up with and then died before Jonesy.


Anyhoo, copying the notes here from the iPhone with human autocorrect running here lol:


“Drinking game at LGBT gathering with Thai, South Africans, and others.  At a place I didn’t know about next to my grocery store.”


“Playing Never Have I Ever   Getting drunk fast.”


“Now dirty version of Truth or Dare app.  I have a feeling innocent bystanders may get unexpectedly involved.”


“Just had to Gangnam Style (so?) dance for 20 seconds with other player.”      –  Note, we’d had hit it off as buddies from start and he made sure I agreed we were throwing ourselves both into it and not half-ass it.   We did, from opposite sides of the table in that small space    So folks saw and were also within inches lol.


“Had to moan realistically in passion for 15 seconds.  Got much praise during and after.”   – Note, more about this below.


“One now had to crawl on the floor and snort like a pig for 30 seconds.”



After that I gave up with the damn broken phone.


Tried to get a pic, didn’t happen.   Others got a selfie or two of the group.   After a bit our group included this gorgeous bleach blonde South African girl who knew the other two.  Unfortunately never got numbers or snogs.  But fun to look at and wonder….


Eventually went back to my room.  Was a good night.


I love these jumble of people from all over that one continuously finds oneself in when traveling like this.  My world while both good and bad is so different now, this is one of the massively good parts.



Read while listening to Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime using Kindle app on my iPad.  Was so good I could’ve finished it in two days it was so grabbing and good.  Finished it last night while eating the miso soup I made myself for dinner   Took three days cuz of, you know, life


Laundry machines down at near corner of our soi in a small sorta odd cornerstore that is everywhere here.  Did my laundry in one of their washers for 20baht or $.66 cents give or take on exchange rates.  Takes an hour but due to where it is I can go wherevs and come back for it, then take it upstairs and hang it up to dry somewhere (usually my windows).

Snapped a pic from that angle once up the soi.



Oh, guyfriend I was making during last post a couple days later told me he thought it was bad to humanize people because of living in the same building…


…so, yeaaaahhhhh, now we’re on a “friendly” hello while passing or a “How are you doin’?” in that nice stranger way.  He had other phrasings in telling me his feeling, but it was at “humanizing” that my mind (assume my face but don’t recall, too) raised its eyebrows at him.


But it’s not ugly, just weird hahaha.


Am having to stretch important meds because my medicine is so expensive here for what I need.  I’ve had info suggested and possibilities on legal but interesting ways to get them here mentioned to me here by others in similar.


Sigh.  I think my doc here is fucking me over, gonna try another hospital maybe

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