6-16-17 (Bangkok, Thailand) Out and About Quietly

Since I returned a man named Brad moved into a room on the 3rd floor.  We’ve kinda sorta making a friendship, despite I may have freaked/uncomfortabled him out a couple of times.



So, he went to the nearby Robinson store that has a Tops supermarket in it that I was going to with me and we got lunch and hunted for items, I got a lot of groceries.


Yesterday (the 16th) he invited me out to MBK/Siam Center Mall area that is essentially endless stalls.  I did find an oil burner and some of the oils that help my headaches.  However I found this morning (17th) that I stupidly did not buy any source of fire to start the candles.


We wandered all over looking at the stalls that are largely just repetitive tourist stalls but here and there was a different thing. We hit found ourselves at the start of the electronics stalls.  Basically the same, repetitive tourist items but occasional good stuff.


Then hit the food court, and I dropped to the end of my spoons and told him so.  He’s either familiar with the spoon thing or just got the gist from the way I looked at that moment.


Difficultly we found a taxi and dragging to that with my last spoon was horrid.  He paid for the taxi and the taxi was a nightmare, we had to repeat multiple times and showed maps of where we lived and the taxi didn’t go there.  When constantly in the opposite direction even though I caught it on my phone’s map app and we started to have to repeat over and over that he was taking us to the long place.  After a while I kept repeating where, just like when we started, to go to Charoen Krung 57 and he told us that we had told us the wrong way to go, that we’d told us to go to 7 and we argued back and he was pissy making comments about it and I could know he was making comments about it when speaking on the taxi outloud radio and so I’d comment as though I understood what he was bitching about.


I got to where if he said one more time that we had told him the wrong way and it was our fault that I was having him pull over and get out.  We hadn’t paid him yet as we were paying a negotiated amount rather than running the meter so I’d have Brad and I get out with not paying and a general “fuck you” in statement or clear attitude with his bullshit.


Eventually asshole shut up, mostly exempt the rare mutter that I’d again act like I understood to make sure he knew he was known to be still saying nastiness, and got us home.


I didn’t mean to be rude to Brad but as he went to the corner to grab a beer I went to my room, put my stuff down, and actually just laid down on my side on the floor and fell asleep for a bit and woke an unknown time later with some spoons returned but in a sort of unreal calm feeling going around in me.  That was enough for me to set my stuff away and tidy my room a little and work out my bed and stuff and go to bed.


It was a fun day with a new friend.  He has some grating traits that we may work out, but he’s really nice and chill and I like him.  Hanging is good.


Unrelated, but I need to walk over to the Wat just around the corner from our street to see where and when it is okay to come and pray.


That was a general normal sorta day in Bangkok.  It was semi like the US while almost completely different.  I love the different…

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