3-27-16 to 4-8-16 Ankle healing and totally whimsical

Am currently visiting Family member Roxxanne and her roommate Harry while healing. They live about an hour from the Emersons so the location of two Family homes is great for me to see people.

Overdid a a little on ankle last night while going shopping at Kohl’s with Harry and also dropped a lot of spoons while out so when came back my brain was pretty useless from pretending in front of people that I wasn’t hurting and just a general social drop, so with the help of Roxxanne I laid down on the couch with my ankle iced and raised, a warm blanky, and rested.


April 5


Still at Roxxanne’s but she is taking me back to the Emersons’ tonight. It’s been a great time with her and Harry, though there have been social and emotional bumps along the way.  I’ve been extra sensitive and having anxiety and depression intensified greatly by this injury fucking up my plans and delaying me in my hike.  Have had to keep reminding myself many don’t start until later than this and making plans on how to get back on the Trail while still doing healing.

I’ve been totally off crutches for a few days and living and swearing by the help of KT Tape.  I’ll be using a lot of that while back and healing during hiking and thinking of using it preventatively on my knees due to the damn stairs put in all over that hurt me.

Still walking carefully, still getting occasional try at rolling and pains but I’m doing great thankfully in getting better.



April 7


We’re (R and I) at the moment in the car getting pickup food.

We had vegan food from Loving Hut the other day and decided to have watching TV vegan and non-verbal Chinese food buffet.

Her roommate/my friend was being silly and found the make yourself into a PowerPuff  and I couldn’t resist doing it too, with their input. The three of us helped, and he and I agreed it had a fair mix of feminine and masculine for me.

2016-04-03 12.02.03



Mar 8


Here is a massively long and wandering YouTube taken today at the Emersons’ to give a sum up of where I’m at with things. There are a lot of “um”s and shows in it and my hair looks a little funky as I have it braided back in a neat design you can’t see lol.  Talks about my ankle, my tent purchase mistake and its benefits, plans for when back on the Trail to fix for time lost, food changes, yada yada.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”mJKGR5bXfvs”]

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