3-6-17 (Malaysia & Bangkok, Thailand) Temp room score and visit and visa try.

So, I’m back at the Birdnest Guesthost hostel that I stay at in Kuala Lumpur.  I’m here to have a visit with Nati before she and her hubby move away to a new job and for me to get a 2 month tourist visa for Thailand.

Yeah, as an American I am visa exempt and can go in for 30 days at a time and then apply and pay for an extension of 30 more days before I need to leave.  But, as I plan on staying in Bangkok for about 6 months (not constantly there, but there as my set up base location) and have arranged a casual handshake-contract on renting a room in a group house it would be much nicer to get a 2 month visa instead.

Here’s the hostel’s Jackie cat who still doesn’t give a fuck:

How I ended up in and stuff in Bangkok is a little bit of a story.

The little bit of a body fluke I mentioned in my 2-5-17 Siem Reap post ended up worth going to the hospital to talk to a doc.  Nurse did all the usual of BP and temp and yada and put me in room to see doc.  Talked to him and he told me they didn’t have the equipment needed to check or treat me.  I asked where else was an option, thinking they’d point me to another local hospital, and they said “maybe Phnom Penh or THAILAND”.  They were quite adamant in the Thailand part and unsure about Phnom Penh.  As I was mentally planning to go to Thailand for it while speaking to them due to costs that confirmed it.

So off to Thailand that night I went.

Stayed in a very modern and clean but so-so hostel in Bangkok for a long while at first using the hospital a few blocks away.  The doc there was able to check me out and it came down to even MORE water, and a series of pills and drinks and whatnot for 2 weeks, then follow up.  Follow up showed things were doing really well and just do another series of the meds for a week but then no need to follow up.
So that’s what’s up.  Thailand for a month of doc and meds, now Malaysia to visit and get visa, then back to Bangkok on the 12th – visa or no visa.

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