2-5-17 Arrival in Cambodia (Siem Reap)

Uber scheduled for 0850-0905. Got message at 0743 that he was parked/waiting across the street  at Texas Chicken.  I didn’t even see the texts until 34 minutes later and responded with the pickup time scheduled for me.  Getting ready went well as I prepped and set out yesterday ready and in just needing the laptop put away, really.

So, now almost time to the Uber & airport KLIA2 since AirAsia flies out of that one. Nervous but also fun!


Just checked in, now my right Uber is 6 minutes away. Tempted to go across and snag drink from Texas Chicken while waiting.


So, am now on Uber ride and thinking about random things like the time meeting Mike Patton & making sure a couple of the pics are actually on this device & not purely on my Google Photos storage/app.

Thinking and nervous and wondering about Cambodia. I’m staying at a hostel that by looks is basically a luxury place but with bunks options  (I chose “deluxe” that puts me in a smaller room and I think privacy curtains, and yes, I requested a lower bunk lol).

I’m so nervous and excited because it’s another new place and I’m always a little extra jittery of that.  But though part of this life is more comfort away from people knowing me too long, it also involves my constant pressing myself away from stagnation and my comfort boundaries here and there like I’m supposed to.


Cambodia.  I can’t believe it.  Really, I am on my way to Cambodia.  Another thing I never thought I’d do or even say when growing up. Amazing how I am seeing this side of the world, experiencing things I’d not thought of and looking at things I never expected.


Both the awesome and the really sucky parts of these places and just normal life stuff.


Again, amazing.  I thank God and whatever I’ve done that turned me here.  My karma just in this lifetime or sin or whatever you wish to call my negative thoughts, words, and deeds, is such where I’m thankful for each good thing I’m allowed/given… Be they people I love and love me, travel, learning, good books, the recent Patton meeting, and so on.


I’ve so much I’ve done and do wrong, I’m blessed in life at times and I’m working on the path to a better self. Perhaps that is it; the effort and true desire to be better is what allows good things to slip into my life.

Who knows how it all works… Our lives, the universe, and awhatever. Not me.

So on my way to Cambodia from Malaysia. Wow.


Trip from airport to hostel.

Photo Feb 05, 19 21 00

Photo Feb 05, 19 21 17



[yt4wp-video video_id=”pUxKbEBksQE”]





My $9 meal of 2 margaritas, big water and veggie burger.

And as I say here first song that came on?

The Cure – Caterpillar  Girl

Next now ?

Faith No More’s cover of Easy.


Tired from early morning and travel.  Spending tonight in hostel’s movie room, currently watching National Geographic documentary before two feature film.s of Forbidden Planet and Tomb Raider.

Tomorrow when rested I’m gonna look into area things I wanna do/see.



Earlier notiMced I was having what I hope is just a random body fluke and nothing more serious.

Also, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, bitches!




Oh, and even though they reaffirmed me yesterday by email that a lower bunk had been arranged for me, no lower bunk & is wood with no good holds.

And high.

Guy checking me in apologized for & promised to move me to a lower tomorrow as one below me should be available. I had no options as arguing would only screw over people already settled in.

Getting in and out to organize my meds and set my power cord up there and just plain test it… It was not unscary. Hard to get ahold of things to get up well and getting down still no good hand holds. Have to do the brace as much as you can with left arm, hold one spot I can with right hand, and slide down the first couple of rungs while bent over flat on my stomach on the bed…

Til I reach that point where you have to switch to new grips and that IsNot a safe move in this situation.

Took a good few deep breaths before I went up for the second time.

I’m stopping my water for the night (dinner didnt end up drinking, just drank my big 1.5L bottle of water -> which for $.25 you can refill from water jug taps they have filled and out for us.

Pray I don’t need to pee urgently in the night while drugged. This thing is difficult cold-sober. Half-awake fog + sleep med fog and coordination effects they sometimes have + death ladder from a 9 foot high top.

I already have a health concern that should be nothing, I don’t need another fall.

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