1-13-17 to 1-17-17 Arriving, Prepping for MOFO, and Australia Creeps Into You.



Left to print my plane info and exchange money to Australian… Did both and am now getting my eyebrows threaded and stuffs.

Did hands and feet a dark , shiny purple for as long as the last… Considered a gunmetal grey like I wear @ times, but didn’t like theirs .



Also finished my re-read of Friday last night and put it into the book borrow & exchange shelves. Hope someone enjoys it! :))


On way to KL’s airport to start flights to Tasmania for the big festival.


Flight down begins.
Plane time!  I either had an airline mix-up or was stupid and didn’t reserve a window seat on an 8hr flight. Am middle of 3 side seats.

Also, being a total rebel using my phone while we’ve been told not to as we’re just sitting on the tarmac waiting for seating to finish.


Melbourne Airport, I’m all up in you!

Annnd, in addition to partially falling/hard trip on stairs into the plane, I full on fell rolling down the bottom half of them on getting out. Embarrassing and I made a small hole on the knee of my black hiking pants….  Sigh.

Oh, and it’s 59 degrees,

Wi-Fi is spastic and need to find sleep and charging stations.


Already the cute little differences… No prams on the escalator, rubbish bins.


Can’t fucking believe I’m going to Hobart, Tasmania tomorrow for wonderfully bizarre sounding art event & Mike Patton hunt.”Village girl makes good”




And I’ve arrived in Hobart… to see this on the baggage carousel.


[yt4wp-video video_id=”IVFuWRzrbdA”]


The drive in, in an airport shuttle bus, was comfortable and I got to see some wonderful scenery.  I’ve video of it, it’s first-person via of a car ride, essentially, but I took it as I was charmed by what I saw.  It gave just a hint at how beautiful Hobart’s area and Tasmania is.

Inside the van:
IMG_20170115_083630[yt4wp-video video_id=”tYxLVATlRRo”]


So, I lost my little change camping zip pouch and in Thailand & made someone’s huge day & have stubbornly not gotten a replacement…

…Australia’s sheer mass of coin money has broken me the first day:coins 2



That on GC for the 3rd example is their 50 cent coin.


The heavy metal countries have won.  I gave in and bought an adorable change holder.






1. These better be sinuses and NOT the start of a cold.

(I bought that big green nasal spray for hay fever that Roxxanne introduced to me and rocks)

2.  I ordered a soy cap in the bar/coffeeshop/restaurant of my hostel and was asked if I took sugar and was wary of someone else maybe being about to flavor my drink.

(I am too short to see what’s going on back of the counter… Standing-level for me is shoulder-high).

Then she handed me this.

That’s a big forehead squishing “aw!” cute first-sight.coffee


3.  I found (earlier) a physical flyer of the event to plan with.   Then found the pile they have of them here in the bar area.


And am now sitting to begin what I’m sure some are FAMiliar seeing me doing for a new outing/event and either just brush past when they see it or don’t have the behavior even register in their minds by this point in our friendships.

If you’re not really knowing me, using these two flyers, pen, and caffeine input I will likely sit here for a couple or three hours comparing what I want to see/do, the levels of importance to me, the when’s and where’s of each, how to schedule for max benefit of time and sleep, then create a few alternative options for different conditions

(like feeling too sleepy the second morning or actually having to cope with being sick a d high on cold medicine cuz for at LEAST one day NOT attending is NOT an option…)

(…Oh, and on that point…  I was serious: I started heavy ATM withdrawals yesterday)

to then create Google Calendars for each alternate as well as at least the main written version.

Also, spreadsheets, with descriptions.

Wait, nope, not even Delta Fam has seen me in a serious event prep.  Only minor light ones.

Then hey, Family, there is the short FB summary of why I planned all the moves and vacations since leaving home in my life & dead husband years and a little bit of trait similarities with Grant.

Imagine me back in the pre-brain damage, shit needs done, and shit needs organized time of the Army I had.

There was a reason for departmental shifts and disputes over me a bit and the CO started leaving me (a Specialist/E4) alone with
permission to fake his signature*.

* purely a jest, folks, the Armed Services nevvvver does that sort of thing.

This, bitches, is one of the geeky neat things I’m gonna get to see: cellF – and instrument controlled by human cells.


So, stereotypes confirmed so far:

“Cheers”, “no worries”, and “mate” are not just sprinkled in… part of every to every-other sentence.


Oh, and I accidentally walked through an unexpected little square between mall sections and honest to God had realization my brain just described it as, “isn’t that just lovely?”.  The Aussies are already causing changes with me…




“What do vegans eat??”
“Vegans can’t eat anything.”

Breakfast today


1 full day & I out of nowhere answered back to a store clerk in an Aussie açcent…

They didn’t blink, but when it came out of my mouth *I* did.

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