11-11-16 Tuk tuk, floating market and Atthuya


Signed up for your of floating market to Ayutthaya. Way to meet up point was my first tuk tuk ride. VERY FUN and fast.

Now on tour bus for 1-1.5hrs until get to market.
They did not warn that. I intentionally left my book at home as I knew there would be trip and downtime, but not like this. :/

Gonna see if can download Kindle app and get something read.

Happily, I’m someone who can do sit and watch k
Out the windows contently.

0909. Arrived.


Okay, night two pair of pants. Are the wrap around and tie type and very light. (both in comfort of cloth and breathability And in helping making most of my limited carrying space).


Rearranged bag so both GC and my phone are easily accessible in that pouch that is frontward and I can both see and pin against me to avoid pickpockets.

Then snapped Grumpy on the outside what I snap him inside with, for loss safety.

And felt/feel silly walking around cut he shows and I’m wearing my GC shirt today…..

So having them both there, the meme redundancy makes me seem a bit over the top.

But I love her (Tartar) and him, my GC, so he needs to be available for photos as he’s my travel companion. A tie to Delta and those who love me.

Speaking of Delta, from day 1, I switched my pin over from old travel backpack to new; so am also Delta Rep-ree-zentin’.


On our way to Ayutthaya. About two hours from here.

Totally didn’t do my normal homework on it before choosing this tour. Just had list of optional tours, I looked it up on Google and read enough to know it was my kind of thing and so signed up, trusting the guides would give info along way and I could Google questions and more info later.

First part we are going to is the temple of the Reclining Buddha which has been on my list for ages and didn’t know when or where, would find out and go sometime.

Holy crap, accidentally some when and where is today!

Good luck for me. 😃

1407. Arrived!



Between video, pics, and some internet my phone has only an hour left and I ha e to get home from our meeting point when we get back, so shutting it off now and reminding myself that I can come back in the future.


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