11-10-16. Holy fuck a haircut!

C&P from Delta’s Stack chat room I sent:

“Okay. I really needed my split/dead ends on my hair trimmed and I usually do all my hair stuff myself and can’t really here.

Went across the street to use the washing machine outside and it turned out to be owned by what you couldn’t tell outside was a small hair salon. She invited me in to sit in the a/c while I waited for my laundry.

I had my hair up in a fat bun soaked thoroughly for a couple days in a mix of conditioner and coconut oil.

Decided on a whim to say “fuck it, risk it”.

She only knew the words cut, color, shampoo, and wash. We used miming, Google translator, and a phone call to her friend and still just ended up with understanding shampoo and cut. Then I showed her four times over the next while how much I wanted taken off and she seemed to understand. I gritted my stomach and let her cut. (The hair washing was a mix of wash and massage, it was great).

I watched a d saw she was sticking to a zero degree cut as some of you know I’m trying to grow my hair straight without layering. So I had stomach clenched but now hopeful.

She charged me about $6.00, I gave her an extra 3 as tip.

She got the dead ends off and the line of my hair smooth, angled down in a nice pattern around my face where I’ve been growing it to eventually match up with the back and it apparently hit a length it could be started blending in (took a while, if you remember my sides have long been a lot short than the rest. At first on purpose and then a pain when chose to grow out)

And cut the ends smooth and in the scoop shape I want my hair right now without me telling her, she just went off the shape so far and my how much cut off instructions.

This sounds like nothing to be this big about AT ALL to y’all, but it a big issue for me and getting stick-straight hair grown back out long after cutting it off at age 18.

This has been a motherfucking personal project for a couple years now with cutting and shaping and waiting til length it’s not just annoying.”

“For $6.00 and a $3.00 tip I just got the best haircut in my life, literally. There’s strong reasons I’ve stopped letting US salons touch me – STRONGLY reinforced when I later went to cosmetology school and saw The Horror being taught.

It’s something that seems trifling, again I know the novel here probably seems waaaaay excessive. But holy damn for me.”

“I think I’m gonna pop down to where I was looking at maybe living here for language and aerial silks school if I like it really high on list here.”

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