11-6-16 (Bangkok, Thailand) First try at bus, downtown adventure.

I’m getting the local area map in my head and get up the guts to try one of the buses that stops right outside my Hostel, almost.

One of the versions of the #40.

It’s a go and get lost day.

Only took me 4 days (real) to get up the guts.

I’m a coward when it comes down to it. My social anxiety is immense on top of just a hesitant and jittery nature.

I’m somewhere I can’t really speak or find food but what is hardest for me is getting On my way! Bus out of fear of the moment of figuring out the right fare I’m supposed to give or sitting in the wrong place in the lobby lounge for the clerks even though it’s what it’s there for.

Still adjusting out of the backpacker mindset. Still working on plans related.

Today Im off to get lost downtown and have brought a shall so that I can be more respectfully together to visit temples and such.

Last night found a 24/7 grocery not too far from the hostel that has a type of bread I can eat.

Adventure is on and closing this prof for now.






Found the ticket-acquirer office and picked up my ticket to Chiangmai Mai in a 2nd class sleeper on the night of the 14th. And the bahnhof itself though getting actually *into* it looks odd. Between then and now I’ll scout it. There’s a bunch of roadwork and construction here so getting from spot to spot right here is tricky.

So tricky I found on the map where the ticket-acquirer’s office is from where I was and it gave the theories of there being sidewalks and roads…

So I found the most direct route and went for it:

I walked straight down my road to the construction, then walked along the open space between the cars and the jersey-rails that were parked waiting for the green light. When I saw I should probably cross before it felt like the green light came, I ducked around them to the other side of gap between cars and construction and started walking there… where they almost immediately got the green and started traffic forward behind me.

I walked close to the barrier with the arm on the traffic side raised and bent so that it put my hand above my head with my palm spread, using the blank space above my shoulder to fill with bright white arm and then firm intentioned hand above it.

Made it past the hundredish feet of this with cars avoiding me, then got to end of construction but crossing where only way to get to other side, from my construction spot to an actual sidewalk over there, was a gap between metal railings put up all the way around the corner so that, well, folks would try to cross.

Said “fuck it” some more in that second or two of judgement that my traffic still was going and other traffic if changed was far enough I could make it and just keeping myself “big” walked determinedly across and jotted sideways through the gap.

I then found I was exactly at the front of the ticket-acquirer’ building door and there they were across the lobby. An easy 35ish feet.

Got my ticket, decided to grab the #40 bus that my gmaps app said had a stop nearby and would take me home and went to the stop – doing that kinda-jog to the bus that was already there and this time a space of 50 feet.

Happily, they were stopping for a handful of moments for folks and I got on. Asked the collector-lady how much the ride cost and she efficiently showed me by putting the right amount of change into her hand for me to see. So I gave the amount, got my chit, and am on my way back!

Also, yesterday got the Chaos & Tacos vids fully uploaded, then realized the last has a brief moment in the background of Grant and some silliness and need to edit some Delta funnies out of it and throw it back up. Plan that tonight.

Today was mainly wandering and spending time in two Wats, picture taking and praying. Gonna do the talk about that in video format, pain in ass to write all out and also clearer and more expressive for my memories someday.

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