11-1-16 (Bangkok, Thailand) Well, that went well.

Woke up and had to pee last night. Was in top bunk.

On realizing I’d left my keycard in my bunk I tried to climb back up to get it.

Fell two times, full body.

First was a “fuck I hit my head and falling hurts, but give me a sec and I’ll be back to normal” kind. And was, except that head-hurt one keeps a little while, so second try.

I’m on my way in a taxi to a local doctor/hospital the hostel clerk found me.

It was a *blank stillness of pain and shock fora bit and had yelped out in pain* then “fuck I hit my … head…. I fell… must’ve hit my head twice… doctor?… bounced… get up?…. I just fell, give it a few seconds… can I get up?… don’t make me ask for help… my head hurts… my body is vaguely…really hit my head, am woozy…. Can I Get Up??… I can, give it a second… must’ve hit head hard, woozy…yeah, careful, can get up, just slow and careful…”

This all actually did take about 3 minutes or so of laying there, my head had hit into the corner of the door-to-wall with part of the slam being into the metal doorstop.

I got up slowly and a nice girl in the room was getting up and out of her bunk to get up for the day and saw me as I started and was very carefully getting up (my head not really clear and body still felt vague and yet stiff legged at same time). She asked if I was okay and I reassured her I was.

Got up and saw was small hair-textured pattern puddle of blood on the floor from my head. Felt into hair, bloody fingers.

Had to climb the ladder again to get card to go to the bathroom for bleeding and checking g myself now that I was *pretty sure* I wasn’t going to need a doctor, just had a shitty fall. Big deal, happens, shrug.

Asked this morning if I could switch to bottom bunk since it was now empty and they said sure after it was cleaned around 10am.

Switched while same nice clerk lady’s asked me afew times if I needed to go to a doctor while I reassured no.

After started just that movement and going in to brush my teeth I noticed my hips hurt and were stiff, saw I’d also hit the front of my head in the hit-and-bounce as there’s a small red line and goose egg on forehead, checked hair and am still bleeding some after hours, and considered a doctor might be a good idea but really what are they gonna do? Say I got hurt a bunch of places, take it easy, here’s some Tylenol. So kept scratching that out of mind.

As got more stuff and achy, still woozy, head hurts a bit and is bleeding. The decider for going to the doctor was that as I pulled my clumpy hair apart a bit to put more toilet paper on it (was gonna wait til stopped bleeding to rewash my hair, had showered that night just a couple hours before) and noticed a unpleasant pain, sharp-brain black/blank, and confusion second when I tried to separate a few strands near a still bleeds area. This wasn’t a normal ow, did it on purpose this time and found when that spot was touched or hair pulled on a little I went blank and all that. Is main spot I hit on the doorstop I think, by its location.

So clerk lady found hospital and got me taxi, I noticed my right leg is bruised really deep and round in a way I can’t explain with its location, from the fall.

I’m sure it’s gonna be “you fell down hard, take it easy, here’s some Tylenol” but who knows. My hips starting to stiffen to where my body wants to stay in a bent haft-seated posture that, if memory serves, I hit like, and are getting more so.

It’s not so much my hips but my tailbone and that line across ass and bone that goes across if you bend into that position. Is how I checked to see if I should be concerned and to see if I had bruises there. No bruises, yay.

But am on way to doctor because still bleeding and my blood spots making me go black/dizzy/woozy and hips are starting to not want me to straighten or walk really, which is bad in general but really hampers my fucking visit.

On my way for expensive Tylenol, essentually, I’m sure.



Riding in the taxi hurts. ūüôĀ



Hospital ER. ¬†My hair was all tangled and matted because of the blood that had caked up to that point and they wanted to cut the whole bit off to get at my wound…



Which I knew from above that you could just pull hair apart to find; They only needed to cut around the cut enough to put in stitches.

That cut?  6cm and they could see a crack in my skull through it.  I ended up getting hips X-rayed due to pain and stiffness increasing in them as time still kept going forward and CT scan to be happily found to have no brain bleeding or such.




They sent me home with Tylenol. ¬†The doctor was mentioning anti-inflammation meds and I spoke up about how I can’t with my stomach… he then started to make a comment about how, oh, they should probably give me stronger than the Tylenol… and then decided Tylenol was fine.

I argued it to him and a nurse after that but they kept acting like Tylenol was fine…

So I go home with Tylenol and take some of my thank-goodness-I-have-them muscle relaxers and the Tylenol…

They’d not only refused to give me anything other than Tylenol for a cut open scalp and cracked skull with hips I could barely stand and walk with at that point they’d stiffened so much, but I noticed HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME OTC-LEVEL STRENGTH TYLENOL.

He put me on a half-OTC dosage.  Happily, I also carry a suppl of Tylenol, too.


What did I exactly hit my head on?  One of those old metal-floor doorstops:



And also, mystery bruises; I cannot figure out how I got these since I fell backwards and landed flat on my back.



Thankfully the whole set of medical time and tests and worthless prescription was cheap as hell.

Taking the rest of the day in bed and using regular Tylenol and my muscle relaxers I got a lot better.  Each day after I got more and more able to move around.  Everyone was more worried about my head, of course, but my hips were the part that became much more painful than my head and enough to be stiff and limit my movement.

I got better pretty quick by just being careful when I started walking around after the day off.


They expected me to come back and get my stitches out when it was time.  You *know* I did it my damn self.  Bought some little craft/children sheers and went into the hostel bathroom and spent a Long time getting them out.

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