10-22-16 to 10-31-16 (Manila, Philippines and Quezon City) Changing hostels



Arriving WAY too early for check-in at next hostel. So out if character, right?

Is it a bad sign when your driver doesn’t seem to be able to understand your directions and then gets out reading glasses to look at the address paper himself?

And a short ways into the ride a movement from him makes you glance at him and you catch the fact that he just crossed himself?


Moment later:

Hell’s yeah, Journey on radio now.





Not impressed with the hostel.  Video should show shower situation and other stuff.  But I do like my bed.


[yt4wp-video video_id=”hRSjY4gNP-U”]


Gonna look at the hotels around here and see if a super cheap but cleanly one is here nearby somewhere.

Don’t even get me on the “kitchen” this hostel lists on the Hostelworld site.
Chose this one as it was the only one the showed up here in Quezon City and is near the VA.  Again, gonna look at hotels.

Must master Jeepney system routes.   If can get a cheap place in Manila and use them to get to the VA that is ideal for next time (colors for them I recognize on this main street).




Had to balance costs and locations and maneuvering being in Tasmania in January so my plan towards Bangkok has been arranged by buying 3 more days in Manila as it’s cheaper to stay here and fly on the 1st than to fly on the 1st and check into hostel there.


In meantime, just realized how long my hair has gotten in back.IMG_0575






Longish vid on suspicious rum sodas and general gabbing.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”Ppq0iywnae0″]



10-28-16 to 10-31-16


Let’s just not talk about Islas Hostel in Manila.  Just, no.  It was like …just no…

The above was annoying/disappointing due to place not matching well to Hostelworld descriptions and some functional issues.  The next was where camping is more pleasant.

Okay, found pics:


This is the first day I have been truly sweaty while in this part of the world was on the 28th.  The sort like when at hot yoga you bend over and the sweat actually runs in a small rivulet off your nose and forehead to the floor sort of sweaty.



My room, the “dorm” which is really just a storage building they have some beds shoved into and the others stuff shoved to the side or in the upper area.

Across from my bed:


The upper area spoken of:IMG_0596

View of outside from my bed:IMG_0597


Oh, and the A/C listed?  From about 10pm to 3am… and it’s behind the head of my bed on the high wall, so even though the owner uses a remote for it I’ve seen how well that remote works and it means he’s basically leaning over me (as there is no mattress on the bunk above me ^) in my sleep.

The “kitchen”:




The view from the eating table – also outside – in a dirt yard involving two dogs and chickens.  Note, I’m fine with dirt yards, animals free, etc. but this is NOT what was advertised and to get in and out you didn’t get a key to the chain and lock wrapped around the high fence bars… You had to get the owner if you were inside to walk you down and let you out or yell until the dogs barking alerted him that you were at the gate wanting in.  And he did *Not* seem happy with a person wanting to go out 1-3 times a day.






The road I had to cross whenever I wanted to grab food or use an ATM.  Again, note though, that I LOVED playing live Frogger in Manila/Quezon.

At night:


During day:



[yt4wp-video video_id=”iRFKhIINzCs”]


And, finally, Grumpy Cat is actually kinda impressed with the McDonald’s there.IMG_0613

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