10-19-16 (Manila, Philippines) Afternoon Across the Street

Across kiddycorner from my hostel is a major mall.

I’m taking a forced-relaxation day because arrival makes me feel like I HAVE TO GO GO GO GO to see things like on past tourist trips.

Taking the day wandering in here, around the neighborhood so that I’ll know it and extra for dark, maybe go who fucks’ knows where walking and seeing or going back and reading.

And fuck.

As I listen to Low Rider over the mall sound system.

So far Palau and here has been a good bit 90s USA.

Later, having drink of lemonade and using it as a tool for teaching myself cost-coversions here.

Drop two zeros, then multiply by 2.

Bam, got it.

Some of the Mall:




Just finished up writing 10-18-16 Evernote version of my blog post while I sit here having a large and outside of Italy & Germany Best cappuccino I’ve had.

Still need to get local pre-paid sim for emergencies. Or Apple Sim, might be Apple in here (I’m now genuinely lost in this mall), and surely one in town. Amazon can also get me anything by Prime to my hostel ASAP, too, I checked.

Also testing out VPN options.




Okay. Do NOT say going to a foreign mall, no matter how “normal” seeming can’t be entertaining and educational.

I bought a pre-paid sim to pop into my iphone/pad for here and an extra storage card for my Surface Pro at the electronics sorta fleamarket corner within the rest of the electric tropics stores. A hallway and two big rooms devoted to it, fer-realzy-new to seerusli-refirb items.

Plus, for $2 I just did a VR ride in an eggpod seat thing that moves as the program you chose runs with what your goggles show.



I bought the suggested “most popular” one from the lady and it was a sort of carnival ride called “Big Pendulum”. It honestly had my stomach doing the ride feeling and catching myself doing that instinctual foot/leg moving when you sweep low on carnival rides. I’m sure I looked like a dork, as anyone above about 5 surely does, but fuck was that fun and a totally new experience for me.

I missed by idiocy the portion of the Bjork NYC MoMA that was her Stonemilker video in VR.

That was neat. The kid within is happy.

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