10-11-16 to 10-13-16 Stuff on way out of country & into hostel in Palau



Added next day (10-13-16):

The summary is above in talk format, not sure how this’ll go. Am working in a low Internet zone, so Evernote + mishmash entry.

Am gonna try to use my saved tweets and such

Some pics of fooooods I finally got at the Taipei airport.


Tweets along the way:

  1. October 10, 2016 at 10:00PM



October 11, 2016 at 12:55PM

  1. A *leetle* more west than I’ve been before…. #pacificocean #taipei #chinaairlines #Russian #serviceoffer http://pic.twitter.com/So5VFDjHv4


October 11, 2016 at 02:35PM

  1. I was just given the tong-handed option of a warmed scentless wipey-dipe as a part of the end-flight services for travelers to freshen with.

October 11, 2016 at 02:37PM

  1. Accepted, of course, and delightful in both actually helping feel tidied and in whimsicality.

October 11, 2016 at 02:40PM

  1. And note to self: traveling always dries my skin out horrid, whether just city to city or flying. Carry tiny moisturizer.



October 11, 2016 at 07:23PM

  1. Meal incoming! Yay. Hungry-headache starting.



October 11, 2016 at 07:29PM

  1. Arrived! About $9-10 of airport-cost food (hot cup us tea).



(At Taipei Airport) Spent heavy drool time and talked myself out of both this gorgeous tea set (amazingly cheap for quality).



And there was this God awful gorgeous delicious bold dark-bright-ruby glazed set that one item sold was a large gain an on its own that I actively had to walk away from. May’ve been the most beautiful piece of pottery I’ve seen in my life.


Pics from later in half-empty second flight. This is the cooshy (can’t tell how well it shows, but trust me: cooshy) nature of economy class on China Airlines. Both flights I walked past 1st class swearing to myself I’d buy an upgrade on a short hop sometime just to experience it.



Bundled with layers over my t-shirt + ended up using two of their airplane blankets due to a/c.



Arrived and did all the check-in stuff, headed up to bed, took these photos:




I’m gonna have to fill further in on recorded notes later. Jetlag has me still doing the losing things repeatedly thing even though I’ve slept and eaten.


Gonna force self to now stay up til bedtime and read while I do so. Set alarm for better hour tomorrow and start each of next few days rotating myself to normal hours.

As matter of fact, it might *be* bedtime as I realized it’s black out but my phone says it’s 5 but then of course it hasn’t autocorrected due to internet/cell lack.


Gonna go find a clock and if so is meds, alarm set, book, and bed time.


Despite night meds, time switcharounds upset my system enough I woke 3 or so times in various stages of panic, confusion, and nightmares.

And twice I went to the bathroom, too… And couldn’t get the light to come on even though I double checked and was confused that it works fine this morning. Power didn’t go out in the night and my memory is blotty at best so who knows.

I just might not have been able to clear my head well enough to actually use a light switch properly (I recall idioticly searching the really wrong wall at one point before realizing I wasnt finding it… If the last part or any of it was real).

Woke clutching my laptop that was in bed with me once. Woke another time clutching Grumpy Cat who was in bed with me once. Remember getting up and walking upset about something in dream halfway across the room to become the vaguest of aware of what I was doing and going back to bed to sleep again.

I’m working during what my poor roommates maybe seen or thought over the night or through the the day part I slept doing my wakeup and getups and stuff.


Anyhow. Is pretty here. Just got a great shower in and feel nice and clean.


And need to create a bag I pull out and set out to use the first day or three while rest of my stuff stays untouched mostly. Not full secondary bag like have – something purely “you can’t function like a human at first, don’t touch fuck all else you own til you’re past this part” separate of everything else I own. The “you’re only allowed to touch this stuff” baggy lol.

Because I am a nuisance to myself and others, if not danger.


Bathed with money today. Forgot it was where I’d put it. So soaked money.

But that’s nothing lol.


More and better later.

Nope, just came downstairs…. Time is 1830ish. It just because dark out at about 1700 for some reason.

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