9-23-16 At Rockville Station, on way to RambleGRUE

So, here we are hanging out early for a train sign says will likely be late.  Happily I have a good amount of layover time to help this.

Did my nails, thumbs last as always, and suckered won’t dry enough to do anything.  Tried twice and am giving up until after I lay my stuff out at the GRUE.


Little nervous about last year’s chaos, odd but not actually nervous about seeing ex and her husband as we parted on good terms.  We hugged goodbye, I hope she and I can hug hello.


Dixie ended up having work complications so I’m doing public trans. No biggie, I like it and isn’t subject to personal fluctuations, just the distant mechanical/technical stranger schedules type that I cope better with.


Am spending this morning and now looking at nomad details on forums and searches about banks, well-liked multi-countdy pre-paid cards, flights.

Reminds me I need to check a detail on Visa on Arrival laws for Philippines and other countries, but mainly the Philippines as that is where the single VA is located over there.

Anyhoo, working things out.

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