8-26-16 to 8-27-16 Wrestling vid shoot in NYC with great producer **NSFW**

So, among  all the silly stuff I do is the porn clips, right?  Well, I’ve a few times (3?) done shoots with CX KiDTRONiK for his Clips4Sale store.  Specifically the wrestling fetish clips.

There have been 3 other chics I’ve worked with in them who were all sweeties, and CX is a sweetheart to work for.  He, us actresses/wrestlers, and the photographers have a really fun feel together, I like working with the group.


I’ve done a few scenarios.  This day I did a one-day round-trip to NYC from D.C. to do the shoot and head back.  Left out early, got home late but not terrible so.


First series of clips made were of me as Flo from Progressive fighting with a seriously disgruntled customer.  Later we did one where I’m sure I ranked up a “going to hell” point, I’m sure, for the acting situation.  Not harming or evil, but highly rude and inappropriate and I both laugh over the memories of us talking about and cringing at doing it at the time and cringing at doing it looking back…  I played someone vaguely…. foreign… as a cab driver… dealing with an abusive passanger.


Humorously, again as something, is we got caught doing that one downtown by random passer-by.  We shot it publicly but under an underpass car parking area where we were shielded by a few bushes and the flow of the area, but not hidden.  Note:  if you don’t catch on by the entire “porn”, “fetish”, and “clip” stuffs said above, there is nudity and wrestling between two chics going on and when the abusive passenger ran off a ways from the car topless and returned we caught that a passerby had been watching some amount of her and I wrestling back and forth over the front and back seats of the vehicle (I was an Uber driver, specifically, in this) as clothing came up, things slipped out, hair got pulled, etc. and he let CX know and indicated he gave a thorough thumbs up opinion lol.


Anyhoo,  back to the Flo thing.  This part was inside for a coupla hours working on his green-screen setup he does and he’d gotten new mats that were thicker and also didn’t wanna slide like the older style ones.  Nice change!  Unfortunately later I found a little problem in this… they have texture.  More on that later.


I felt so silly as Flo and the clips back and forth being done and stuff with it had me totally feeling super silly when I got the costume and some bad eyemakup on lol.  So I took a series of gratuitous selfies.  And yes, I’m sober in all this.







I was cracking up on it pretty hard.  I feel so bad I can’t recall the other model’s name because she was awesome, as mentioned with how these shoots line together by CX.  About my size but different build, beautiful, sweet, sassy, and she got in a GREAT move in at one point, getting released from a hold by rolling up over my back.

There’s a reason I do my own random & pee clip stores even though I make very little on them (hobby, not job) and do shoots for others more serious than myself with their work:  Porn can be a shit job or an fuckin’ Boss job, like any job.

Doing my own stuff, I do it mainly to amuse myself.  A lot of it straight gets done cuz the idea cracks me up or I’m feeling playful at the time.

The stuff I’ve done for others, I’ve only done with people I feel comfortable with and doing what I’m either willing to try or am comfortable with.  I work with others in things that I can look back and smile over.


So, great day, funny doings and oopses, new nice person, and new mats.  About those mats…




They have the little bumpity traction leetle bumps, which is for and works great to give traction.  Thumbs up there.

However, the also on us those of us with more delicate skin on their knees and feet do this at the end of the day:



I saw that while sitting waiting to go home at Port Authority, I believe it was.  They hadn’t hurt so I didn’t know til later when I changed.  But the skin was off and I’d found out at the very first of changing my pants as they were lymphing badly and had stuck themselves to the fabric.  Eww.  But they weren’t deep, just scraped skin, so I figured let them be open and scab.


Got home around midnight or 2 or something not terrible but late.  Me doing a couple selfies afterward, in my room back in Rockville.




I look worn out pretty clearly in that first pic.  Washed and crashed to bed.


Next day or something:




These things continued to leak for days.  I at times had open to air, sometimes using neosporin/salve, gauze bandaging, and for part of one day I threw Tegaderm patches over the knees because I needed to avoid them leaking on my clothes or getting dirty and regular bandaging was doing more harm than good.


That didn’t work out well, as I’d worried.  I got done with whatever it was later and noticed by feel that yep, the Tegaderm’s overlay was getting squishy.  I’d just kept on leaking, now filling body goo into little plastic bandages on me.  Ick and cool at the same time.

I was done with whatever, like I said, so I took the coverings off and yup, lymph I had to wipe all up and had sorta jelled a bit and stuff.  But they’d not hurt, they’d staid clean, and taking that off was much better than any kind of normal bandaging.  The only thing that stuck to me was the edges of the patches like they’re supposed to.   Taking them off didn’t involve tearing stuff away from open wounds lol.


But yeah, it took a few days for them to scab.  A few days to even scab.  Then I had to keep them moisturized a bit (straight vitamin E oil was a blessing in healing at that point) as knees kinda gotta move and, again, it helped it keep from ripping open repeatedly by moving.


Then they did begin to heal but it took a fucking forever.


Nothing wrong on CX or his mats’ part, except those little suckers did scrape skin off.  The problem was my thin/tender skin there and it not wanting to heal.  Cuz it was just my knees and feet.  Elbows and hands and such that rubbed and ground into those mats didn’t have a single mark on them.  As always:  Bodies are weird.


It was a great kick of a day.

Coupla GIF previews:




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