09-15-16 to 9-18-16 Roxxanne’s and the Emersons’ **NSFW**

Have spent the least two days with Roxxanne and then the Emersons’ for two.


Roxxanne gave me a cute Grumpy Cat white translucent decal for the back of my Surface Pro computer. We chilled, watched movie and snoozed watching TV in her bed, chatted over her separating herbs for drying.

Speaking of my Surface Pro.

Roxxanne felt this pic needed taken when I best over the couch to unplug my Surface Pro:



Here at the Emersons’ we discussed the arrangements making of RambleGRUE a bit, some stuffs about a friend, got pizza and beer, put on Capt. America vs. Iron Man and I passed out during it. We then went to bed and they’d sweetly put out the Grumpy Cat plaque and doll they keep for me here when sleeping over.


Today we each did our own thing and right now they are up for the mid-day nap.


Othertime Grant has been working on RambleGRUE things and Grace is upstairs watching sports and organizing her room.


My time with my Delta Family is special just in only the fact that when together we are easy together. And the fact they try to take care of me in ways and they remember the Grumpy Cat thing that keeps going. It makes me feel cared for a lot as she and the memes about her got me through alive a lot during the past ending. It’s a lot of love there and a lot of smiles that it’s now become a special running Delta thing that folks remember how much I like Grumpy Cat.


The Emerson’s and I went to Home Depot and a pet store and stuff in the MiniCooper with the top down in the awesome nice weather.


My talking in the car joking about roundness comments and angle Roxxanne made with that pic  caused Grant to make “having back” comments and I got Sir Mix A Lot in my head and so he found it, bass blasted it in the car with Grace chilling in front of me.  Grant getting active funny in it like I was back here in my seat and tried to send Marco Polo clip to Cory (Tinder dude I met and things fizzled) to tell him this half of the joke tying into the Roxxanne story I was gonna tell him next time we hang.

But Grace heard me talking into it and started turning down the music to be polite and we started being adults so I had to abort and end the message with no point cuz the joke of telling him the sily later tying backward in it wasn’t gonna work now.




Ride to South Station with Grant was mix of rap and Irish Punk music.

Turns out, to not much surprise but also with a touch of friend humor warmth, we both know all the words the The Humpty Dance.

At one point as we were stopped at a red light caught chic in car next to us bopping to our music.  Was awesome, love that kinda thing.



Just generally:



Met a couple of nice guys on Tinder. Had about a week of dates and fucking that was fun and intense. Just met a guy who is 11 years younger and had a nice date earlier this week, gonna do an overnight at his house Thursday to Friday and then Friday evening I run up to the GRUE with Dixie after work. Looking forward to all of that.


Need to acquire twin size sheets for the bed at Camp and pretty much nothing else.


I went through my room in Rockville when I started feeling panicky about how much stuff I’d acquired and packing my backpack for travel and stuff I need…

Turns out I’ve a small pile of clothes and extra meds as only extra stuff. Laid out the clothing and whatnot I have that will go in my backpack with me (using some extra clothing to simulate that which I’m needing to get to fill my clothing needs out). Issue and panic about that solved.

I feel so much better. Basically all I need to do is get that clothing situation right, small-out my meds to better levels to travel with and that’s it.

Any extra I’m mailing to my mailing company so they get sent when I call for them.

My phone pdoc at the Bronx VA says they have a VA in Manila so that makes a lot of my life easier. 🙂


I might video message the new guy and see of he wants to meet just for an evening on Tuesday because I wanna. I just have zero idea of what to say I wanna do. I don’t know my or the D.C. area well enough to have something to go to or anything.


Am looking at websites and nomad and travel discussions on easier ways to get refundable onward tickets arranged.


I think otherwise I’ve got things going pretty well at this point.

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