11-9-16 (Bangkok, Thailand )Follow Up and Rehash of My Nov 1st Bunk Bed Crash

Top bunks are clearly my nemesis and I’ll be requesting lower ones all the time in the future. I’ve fallen from the ladder of a bunk bed a concerning amount of times now…

Apparently I don’t know how to use a ladder reliably.

Fell twice. It hurt but I was fine the first time. Second I had to wait a while to see if everything worked and I could get up on own. Could after a while carefully.

Figured I’d just taken a bad thunk and my head was bleeding some but headwounds tend to be a bit dramatic compared to actual damage so tidied it and wrapped it in my leetle hair towel so as not to let blood get on pillows while it dried and I could wash it out in morning.

Two hours later it was morning and it was still bleeding some. Assured staff that I was okay, though, was only tiny amount and mostly my hips ached from hitting the floor, I’d be okay.

Hips started stiffening and stiffening and when I went to feel around the bloody area of my hair to feel the wound and if it had clotted yet I found that tugging a small bit of hair made me confused and dizzy just like at the fall.

Decided, okay, let’s go to the doc.

Staff found a hospital for me to go to, I went in cab as I was doing fine enough for that… hips just kept getting stiffer.

Got there, hips so bad they put me into wheelchair.

End of trip: CT scan of head, X-rays of hips, told by the doc he could see a crack in my skull when he went to do the stitches, later that I wasn’t bleeding into my brain any nor broken anything else. Just bruised a lot.
Then he put me on what I found out later was a half-OTC-dosage of Tylenol after he had started to say he should give me something stronger than Tylenol since I can’t take anti-inflamattories, but stopped mid-sentence and decided Tylenol was fine. I fought this some, lost.

Wasn’t til got back to hostel and went to take meds that I saw it was even a half-OTC dosage… fucker. More on that later happened at my follow-up two days later.

Not going to my follow-up tomorrow as it’s a waste of money (I can tell it’s healing fine and no infection and can take out stitches myself when it’s time) and the doctor is an asshole. Not going into that, but he’s an asshole.
So, fell and cracked skull, had horrible hip pain and stiffening, luckily am a walking pharmacy so I took a normal OTC dose of Tylenol and then muscle relaxer that I have for my migraines.
I’m also on antibiotics til day after tomorrow.

I also have damage in ways I must’ve hit things and bounced ways I’ve no memory of as I’ve a massive bruise on the right calf, smaller ones coming to surface on left, and found in the mirror the first morning that I had a small goose egg on my forehead with a little skin scraped red.

I don’t know how the fuck I managed all this from that fall. – The head and hips, yeah, the frontal stuff WTFKs?
Pretty bitchin’, though.

What the back of my head hit:


What the open would pic I had them snap for me looked like:

Hair of mine they wanted to completely cut off since the matting with blood had it too tangled for them to undo, I told them NO a few times stressing over and over that a bunch of conditioner would make it come loose.


Mystery bruising of legs:


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