8-31-16 Dinner out with Monique and Tiffany



Had bopped around the idea of a Delta and especially bids, in chat, to get together for a games time or dinner or something for a while.  As always, herding cats (myself included).  Eventually my friends Monique and Tiffany gathered up and went to a neat pasta place they knew downtown that could cover both the omnivores and the herbivore lol.


It was quite a cool place, I kind of “choose your own adventure” with putting the food together and very tasty.  I, as pretty usual, arrived first and hung out at the bar getting a leeeetle tipsy and slowing down on it, fiddling with phone.


After a bit each arrived and we sat and gabbed, gabbed, gabbed.  Life stuff, relationship stuff, silly stuff, serious stuff.  Just a nice flowing convo that let me get to know and be comfortable around them more as I’ll be gone so long til next time I’m in-person with folks.  I was very glad it was such an easy feeling evening and I wasn’t stress-tense-waiting-to-escape (which happens with sweethearts of mine, too, so wasn’t a personal thing here).  Light drinking was involved and we hung out for a good long while.


Summary:  I had gotten to spend time with them both and liked them and had fun before, but this gave a more personal time together which is what I wanted to do with people before I left and it turned out great for me.   I’m really glad for the evening.


They paused for a couple of snaps with Grumpy Cat:



BTW, we were in Chinatown so I walked under a pretty while heading towards tube with them:



Grumpy and I wait for subway and get our butts to home.




The End.

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