6-19-16 Signing the Reggae Hostel Mural and onto Airport Out!



Leaving this night so made sure that I grabbed the option of signing the mural wall at the Kingston Reggae Hostel. Another traveler nicely held the camera for me as I signed my name and Delta Nomad for funsies there.

It was a lot of fun, made me feel connected to that place and that project and my first location out of country since changing my life, choosing to carry my Delta Family with me into it in a way and in a semi-joke, and felt all around good way to end my trip to Jamaica.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”7d-tPxeJiKM”]










Got through Jamaican airport security and accidentally recorded video where wasn’t allowed to – just past the security barrier and off to the side where they were letting me finish my drink to take my night meds.  Yup, instead of automatic tossing it they gave me the option to sit near security but out of the way and finish my bottle so that it wasn’t wasted.

I didn’t realize I couldn’t shoot there as I was only recording me and they only then noticed and said something after I was done taping and the phone was just sitting in my lap as I drank.  But even then they were nice and just told me firmly but politely that I couldn’t record there after asking if it was a video cam and I told them it was my iPhone.  So oops, but that was all that came of it.

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Bye Jamaica!

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