2-28-16 Last Night at Hiker Hostel

Earlier shot, after Walmart run and general this and that I sat out at the hostel’s fire ring and listened to folks chat.

2016-02-28 18.33.44


Met a nice young lady by name of Natalie who is bunk below me, heads out tomorrow and starting at different spot.  Met two other roomies for tonight but only briefly.  Both seemed nice.  One is a fellow female vegan.

My underlying stress/anxiety must be higher than it feels beyond the constant exhaustion that has moved past Amtrak proportions and morphed with my unexplained end daytime zonking.

Between no real alone time, being tired, and hike tomorrow I had to leave the campfire early because a generic reference someone made to hiking of couples made me flash to Chael and my hiking Alaska and suddenly be on verge of breakdown, so slowly assessed self and decided to retreat indoors and then debate social there in lounging and eating area.

Chose to and a nice fellow brought up another person talking down to me about packing, I guess, during a Walmart run and we got our wires crossed on when and who and whatnot til I realized is no clue what he was talking about because of a blackhole.

This distressed me more and then I got him to tell me when it was that I missed this and how long it had gone on, roughly, meanwhile trying to reassure him repeatedly that I wasn’t bothered or upset by finding out this guy said anything that maybe had been a problem and that he hadn’t stirred me or anything up but rather I was just trying to find how much of a gap I had and when.

Call it 5 minutes of being instructed or something in a grating way on packing that I don’t recall.

Meh, whatevs, I didn’t and don’t recall it so all it shows is stress. I’m not offended as I don’t remember it lol.

But yeah, my emotional immune system is low aka short on spoons and moreso than I’d known til just a bit ago.

Lots of Human na dtomorrow is Starting, so hey.  Is understandable.

Is to be good weather so that good.  Got myself an extra layer of warm shirt (yes another), and camp shoes since mine disappeared in the boxing and sending and giving away of getting out of my place and here.  They are quite squooshy and nice soled.

Anyhoo. Tomorrow.



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