6-13-16 Wanders, beach, constant harassment til wanting to leave early

Gotten sand chigger bites is what I’m told.



Getting some bugging by the males here and the vendors of items and services on the street or near it are really persistent and ignore nice or even hard “no, thank you”s  and then also ignore being ignored.

Walked around and saw a fair bit, ate some strange to me but yummy vegan something that was at a home-made style restaurant, out under an umbrella picnic table and relaxed some.

Wandered the beach a bit more and found a nice shaded by a palm tree spot to watch others play in the water and enjoy the white sand and breezes and just liking it out and got dozy so laid down on an extra sarong I brought and did, indeed, doze a little.


But. as soon as I sat up from waking, I looked down into my bookbag and then back up as a guy was already walking up to me with clear intentions.  And yep, another of the ones that wouldn’t take even a third no and only backed off when I got aggressive.


It’s so bad here for this, trying to walk or sit anywhere.  Sure, Kingston I got hit on a good bit and some were waaay too insistent, but I couldn’t walk and do things between them.

Literally within 15 feet of brushing one of and walking to where another, or a group of another, starts in.  Sometimes it’s just a continuous series with no breaks; I finally give a good firm no or am rude to get one off me and another, again this is literally, steps up from where the other guy just got stepped away from and starts in on me and disrespecting my turn-downs.

If I sit in the ground floor outside lounge of my hostel guys will come up to the wrought iron fence portion of one wall and reach waving through and catcall and bother me until I just get up and go somewhere else.


So, after only that short outing I headed back to the hostel in not the best of moods.  Went to the upstairs area.

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