Passport, silly woot!

My first stamp on my Appalachian Trail passport!


2016-02-27 12.29.01

2016-02-27 12.29.11

The mass of back-up boxes are arriving at Grant’s now.

I’m feeling better these past three days and just now extra:

Found first day that those first three folks I met were doing two sleeping bag system like I ended up doing and have seen one or two more.

And just now watched the shakedown class where they used a volunteer omnivorous pack for it and the class taught that it’s pretty much the standard for 4 days of food at about 5 or so pounds and how not to stress on eating very healthy.  Just eat and eat a lot of crap in reality.  I’d felt a little awkward on bringing as much food weight as I did as it is tricky to get calories high with light, carriable vegan food so base weight of food was 5 pounds of regular meals and then added semi-healthy and unhealthy snacks to up my daily average.

My bag with second larger sleeping bag, 2 stove + fuel systems, 2l water and food is at 34.99 pounds which they said is considered the good goal weight.  Mines that heavy when weighed with the warmest day in mind where I’m wearing only the lightest clothing I have and everything is on my back except the little in my front pouch. So, worst case on my back is 34.99lbs right now.

I’m okay with that. Is a lot heavier than I’d hoped – it all was packed down to slightly less than 28lbs at the last before I added the extra (4lb) bag and canister stove system to test against the alcohol.  But at least the second with be figured out by first mail drop location up around 30-40lbs away, call it March 4ish. Probably more worked out, sure.

Anyhoo, night!  Watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine with hostel owner and another camper while waiting for meds to kick in.

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