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07-01-2019 Sooooooo Long! Focus on YT and just checking in!

So.   This blog is wildly out of date.   I can’t believe not for almost 2 years now!   So much has happened. There have been issues with getting pics and vids up, but I’m re-dedicating myself to it.  Most blogging will… Continue Reading →

Making a Big Jump Ahead with Posts

Hiyas,   I’m feeling I need to write and publish from now, caught up basically as my videos are ready, rather than still focus on uploading past ones between right now and the previous in October 2016. I’m currently in… Continue Reading →

Seriously delayed updates… Technical Problems

Okay. I’m having some problems with updating this blog using the WordPress interface.  I won’t go all into them, but let’s just leave it at it’s a major pain in my ass. I’ve photos ready, videos ready, text ready… It’s… Continue Reading →

Picks and vids in posts

Let’s just assume from here on out my posts will be image and video heavy.  Some may be just a little bit of text or whatever, but just assume a lot of images.

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