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6-14-16 to 6-16-16 Leaving Ocho Rios for Kingston, and visiting Devon House

6-14-16   Not much to say, got a 2 hour earlier bus by arriving at the bus location and requesting earliest they had. ┬áHad to sit in waiting room for a coupla hours for it, but was better than trying… Continue Reading →

6-13-16 Wanders, beach, constant harassment til wanting to leave early

Gotten sand chigger bites is what I’m told.   Getting some bugging by the males here and the vendors of items and services on the street or near it are really persistent and ignore nice or even hard “no, thank… Continue Reading →

6-12-16 First Day in Ocho Rios!

OK I have just gotten on the bus for Kingston, Jamaica to a Ocho Rios.   Driving in to hostel:   I got to the branch of Reggae Hostel here early and they at first didn’t want to check me… Continue Reading →

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