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 3-6-17 (Malaysia & Bangkok, Thailand) Temp room score and visit and visa try.

So, I’m back at the Birdnest Guesthost hostel that I stay at in Kuala Lumpur.  I’m here to have a visit with Nati before she and her hubby move away to a new job and for me to get a… Continue Reading →

2-5-17 Arrival in Cambodia (Siem Reap)

Uber scheduled for 0850-0905. Got message at 0743 that he was parked/waiting across the street  at Texas Chicken.  I didn’t even see the texts until 34 minutes later and responded with the pickup time scheduled for me.  Getting ready went… Continue Reading →

2-3-17 (Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia) Sweaty Webcam Video About Unexpected Fireworks, Mike Patton, Cambodia, YadaYada

This is a post of just a clip I made and put up on YouTube.  I came in after watching unexpected fireworks that was awesome, got the webcam on, and talked about them, about Mike Patton, about going to Cambodia,… Continue Reading →

2-3-17 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Part of the Huge Jump: Tetema (project w/ Mike Patton) soundcheck caught!

Part of this huge jump forward, and a little bit of a teaser/taste of future posts:   On 1-22-7 I got my wish and at MOFO 2017 in Hobart, Tasmania I got to see Tetema perform for the first time… Continue Reading →

Making a Big Jump Ahead with Posts

Hiyas,   I’m feeling I need to write and publish from now, caught up basically as my videos are ready, rather than still focus on uploading past ones between right now and the previous in October 2016. I’m currently in… Continue Reading →

11-9-16 (Bangkok, Thailand )Follow Up and Rehash of My Nov 1st Bunk Bed Crash

Top bunks are clearly my nemesis and I’ll be requesting lower ones all the time in the future. I’ve fallen from the ladder of a bunk bed a concerning amount of times now… Apparently I don’t know how to use… Continue Reading →

11-2-16 to 11-4-16 (Bangkok, Thailand) Stiff Walk, Learned To Cross the River

11-2-16   I felt well enough in my hips after the day off to my body that I took a short and stiff wander through the streets by being slow, careful, Tylenol, and muscle relaxer.  Just giving a small amount… Continue Reading →

11-1-16 (Bangkok, Thailand) Well, that went well.

Woke up and had to pee last night. Was in top bunk. On realizing I’d left my keycard in my bunk I tried to climb back up to get it. Fell two times, full body. First was a “fuck I… Continue Reading →

10-22-16 to 10-31-16 (Manila, Philippines and Quezon City) Changing hostels

1143   Arriving WAY too early for check-in at next hostel. So out if character, right? Is it a bad sign when your driver doesn’t seem to be able to understand your directions and then gets out reading glasses to… Continue Reading →

10-21-16. (Manila, Philippines) Jeepney, Intramuros, and I Can Do Math

1315   Having the “jeepney experience” as I and my little last landlady called it. Am on way to San Augustin inside Intramuros. Shall see. Beside us at light, others doing same. Around the inside of mine:     1334… Continue Reading →

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