6-10-16 to 6-11-16 Wandering and then House Party

I fiddled around and decided to spend the day wandering and hopefully acquiring a simple flat black bookbag as my normal travel one is in the Emerson attic and giving out, anyhow and my need to just be retired as my Europe Bag into my keepsake boxes.

Had a local guy latch onto me early in my walk out and it took a looonnggg time to get rid of him, meanwhile openly used his wanting to stay around me to have him show me where to get said bookbag. A while later of walking and talking polite and then Stern words got rid of him and I continued on my own.


Walked all over and ended up back at the hostel around 1430ish.


While searching for a vegan restauarant that was never found, I found an Indian place called Saffron and chose to grab lunch.

2016-06-10 14.50.50

2016-06-10 14.54.37


Saw lots of street vendors and shops, generally people-watched, enjoyed the scenery, ate Jamaican Indian food for lunch after a failed hunt for one of the many veggie restaurants here, and received a massive amount of compliments by males and females on my hair and piercing – to include people pulling off to the side of the road next to me or slowing down their car long enough to give a nice comment and then continuing their drive.

Some random street shots:

2016-06-10 15.57.02

2016-06-10 15.58.04

2016-06-10 16.01.11

2016-06-10 16.01.18-1


Walking back to my hostel:

[yt4wp-video video_id=”usaniyPZczU”]


Spent next several hours reading, chatting with Deltas and Adjacents (to include two new bids) in the new Delta Chat we’re trying out and Asha, and just relaxing being in the backyard/bar/social area of the hostel on a futon in the shade.


As as it got dark I was offered by a roommate to come sit and talk with her friends at the table they were chilling at and we talked things up. I was unusually yappy.


End result was my going along with 7 or 8(?) of us in a van taxi to a house party and then public concernt/party. The first was comfortable and nice, the second was interesting and glad I went and had a bit of fun but overall “meh”. Caused a full-torso migraine to develop from still a bit too little sleep and overstimulation so early in on arriving so I came home alone after a while and took meds, ate, and crashed.


So, the house party part of the adventure:

Inside the van taxi with people from several countries, most can speak English, a couple can’t.  Several were pre-gaming hard, including the French guy sitting next to me.  Just the ride to the party was entertaining.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”lav3Rx6-ox8″]


From the house party that was both very cool and laid back but also great music and energy from small number of folks there.  Also, they were selling cheap Ital food so a bunch of us veggies of varying types in the group sat together against the grating that protects the property out front and ate.

Inside the house:


2016-06-10 23.13.53

2016-06-10 23.14.00

2016-06-10 23.14.05


I took a video from the roof over the courtyard where a handful of us and others were dancing a little:

[yt4wp-video video_id=”Cfi3KBW4Gv8″]


Back of house’s enclosed area where DJs ran music and folks (me, too) danced to reggae and generally felt fun.

2016-06-10 23.22.54

2016-06-10 23.23.06


[yt4wp-video video_id=”Ip_49GrZMlQ”]


2016-06-10 23.35.27-1

2016-06-10 23.35.30

2016-06-10 23.36.07


2016-06-11 00.27.07

2016-06-11 00.27.09


[yt4wp-video video_id=”j_kNZdG95yY”]



That spot there ^ is where they were cooking dinner outdoors for $5 a big whopping plate one person couldn’t finish…and it was goooooddd.


Then, a bunch of us took 2 taxis to an outdoor event, squuuueeeeezzzing in through the gates as they were being closed, crammed front to back as I was bodily moved by the masses behind me trying to all get in before the 1am deadline of free entree.

There was a terrible bar arrangement, too crowded, and they never got the music going enough to dance… it would start, folks (and me) would begin dancing… and then the large guy MCing or whatever would stop the music and start yelling things out at the crowd.  This happened for short breaks and looong breaks of him yelling, then music would start up just long enough to start getting into it and it’d stop again.

2016-06-11 01.55.15

2016-06-11 01.55.26



[yt4wp-video video_id=”_iiajDgyubQ”]


Finally, between too tired, too many people, annoyance at the bar where I couldn’t even just easily get a bottle of water because you had to go to another area of the ground-level arena to get a ticket to come back and trade for whatever you’d bought the ticket for, and frustration of never getting into the music at all; well, I ended up having an intense body migraine with an unpleasant but not killing me head migraine.


So I dodged and shoved and weaved my way out of the crowd and the gates and got a taxi back to the hostel.  This was about 3 or 4 am.   Took regular night meds + some Tylenol and muscle relaxers and waited for things to kick in.  Finally they did and the pain lessened and I could sleep.

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