So.   This blog is wildly out of date.   I can’t believe not for almost 2 years now!   So much has happened.

There have been issues with getting pics and vids up, but I’m re-dedicating myself to it.  Most blogging will probably be on my YouTube channel, we’ll see.

For now, this is where the updates have been for the past couple of years, though sparse there as well:

Rumpus Wanderss YouTube Channel

I’m in my yearly US visit right now and heading back to Europe for this summer and fall for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with highlights of seeing Craig Ferguson, Daniel Sloss, and Eddie Izzard there; seeing Mike Patton perform Mondo Cane in Prato, Italy; and spending 2 weeks in Munich for Oktoberfest (I should’ve gone while I lived in Germany years ago but beinga  beer hater it didn’t have a HUGE call to me, just interest.  This spring I learned I like Belgium beer while I was in Belgium, so Germany I’m giving this a try.).