3-24-16 Ankle healing, visiting more Family tomorrow, started GoFundMe

http://Gofundme.com/RumpusWanders has been created, you may have noticed on the right-hand side there.  If you wish to be a supporter financially, please be so.  If not, past word please.   If not, send me smiles and thoughts of non-financial support. 🙂

So, sitting here on the Emersons’ couch healing.  Been doing so, more or less, since the 14th. Lots of times with it raised, gets iced daily, at first was on Tylenol and muscle relaxers near always, firmly wrapped at ACE bandage at times, other times just using KT Tape.

At first I had to crawl everywhere on all fours to avoid putting any pressure on my foot, though I could gimp painfully on it still.  Have been trying to be ultra conservative in taking care of it so it heals faster.

Same days as I had a yellow old-school gym scooter delivered to slide around on they came home from a visiting to CVS with CRUTCHES!!  Yay!

I also ordered scrubs and a 12 pack of underwear as I didn’t have such things as changes of clothes with me.  I stunk for two days, basically, and then those arrived and I BATHED.

Ankle swelling and bruising has been quickly lessening over the total-off-it method and then I just could tell I had some internal swelling of minor amount since sometimes two of my toes went sort of numb on bottom. Icing and raising continued to help that.

2016-03-16 15.00.21

2016-03-16 15.01.03


I haven’t ACE wrapped in two days now, just have KT Tape and have been watching YouTube videos on how to use it for sprains and just plain ankle support plus preventive knee support. Been making play lists there of the vids I like so far.

I don’t really ice during the day regularly now, but do for a while every night.

Between crutches and scooter and help of Emersons and a friend of theirs I am able to get food and drink and whatnot taken care of easy.   Found my travel-patch backpack in a box and now use that to take stuff around upstairs and down.


Grace and I were sick for a while and that really sucked.


So much random stuff I should’ve been keeping notes on while here this week.  Damn.


Due to running out of the meds I brought here, only a bit of meds here, and most meds waiting to be sent to me from the nice folks at Top of GA in my box I left with them I’ve been dealing with withdrawals.   Had days of increasing narcotic wonky feeling and clumsiness increasing and then really, really bad brain zaps for a couple of days that got bad enough I worried about needing taken to the hospital one night.

Busted out all of my vitamins that Grant stored here and started them again as they’d fallen behind, too.


On way home, and not while on Trail thank god, the right hand side frame pole to my backpack punched through.  Saw it when I picked it up the second or third day I was here.   Looked at left and it was working through over there, too.

2016-03-16 11.10.02

2016-03-16 11.09.40


Also noticed I am losing weight fast enough that the size of my straps is going to be an issue soonish/eventually (didn’t take into account before that I was gaining for the hike and that used up more shoulder strap space).  I’d felt like they (and waist) were needing clinching more than regular body and gear tweaking and changes should call for so early in as a week… Until we all basically took turns hopping on the scale at the hostel and I realized I’d dropped about 15lbs, 10-15 depending on day (weighed a few times in disbelief although others were calling out same numbers for themselves).  Then I did some mental stock and realized I wasn’t imagining it, I’ve been making up for a sudden weight drop much faster than I’d anticipated.

2016-03-16 11.17.10


So let Zpacks know I also wanted to have the padded part of the shoulder straps shortened so that I’d be able to tighten it down further as it became needed.

They agreed from my description and pictures that the frame issue was a warranty-covered problem and we also talked out them altering the straps in a way they think best as a mod I’m paying for.  Hope they don’t cringe at some of the other mods I’ve made so far myself (with more coming that I haven’t gotten around to).

Zpacks.com is where I’ve purchased a number of items, most importantly my tent and my pack.  There quality in products and customer service is excellent. If shopping I strongly urge you to take a looksee at them.

Have been thinking on more tent modding. As told fore I drop my tent height for things like wind, adjust tie-down points for expected or possible weather changes, etc.   Have been thinking on ways to help more conveniently keep the netting raised as much as possible when height is lowered and when the box with that stuff gets here I may spend time in the backyard tinkering on it.

Tomorrow I’m taking two short Amtrak trips over to Worcester to visit other Family and their friend/roommate for a few days now that my ankle is hurting less, I’m more mobile, and the Emersons have their own plans and need some Them Time for a bit.  Works out nice, will see Blue and Harry for a while. 🙂

Other stuff to talk about but this is enough for now.   Note to self: KT Tape, scrubs, and my calorie solutions(?).

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