12-9-16 to 12-12-16 Xmas and New Year’s wondering here… Plus Sewer Funnies… Plus Rick Rolling…



I’ve zero idea what they do here for Christmas and New Years and will be here for both. It’s primarily a Muslim country folks tell me, but they still do the place up, at least at the KL City Center buildings and area. Massive Xmas tree of lights.

And Nati (who is a prime runner of this hostel… manager?) seems quite excited about my being one of the people here since when I was talking to her about paying all the way through and she realized I would be.

She and I have gotten friendly… had joke of going out to Skybar the other night to her that the only two of the group who don’t need alcohol to act out are the two that are really gonna drink.

As she suddenly linked arms with me and started skipping with me to the classical music they were playing near the tree and huge fountains they have there at KLCC (that was on the way we were all walking to Skybar).

I also have not danced bumping hips and butts with a galfriend since the mid to late 90s… at the subway platform with the group…

Didn’t get drunk, that night, for record. Just ended up being an outing for me.

Anyhoo, Xmas and NY’s questions…

So, I gotta Google.





Yesterday I bummed around mostly, too late wanted/needed to go to the grocery store, had mystery spaghetti, had to work on fixing my rucksack’s frame with a hostelmate’s (ASK IF NAME – AND GAME NIGHT HERE PICS ARE OKAY) help,  and stayed up later chatting with that hostelmate gabbing about everything from psychiatry (both in general and in some sorta neat details of my stuff) to sexual consent matters to walking through sewer water at waist level (him, not me, due to monsoon flooding).  And a pleased mug-clinking over it being shared we’re both tea people over coffee.


I offered Hana(? ASK IF NAME IS OKAY HERE, MAYBE GET A PIC?) and him ^ cuddles.  (FEMALE) said she could use some cuddles, (MALE) kinda dodged with not now, but he can never say never, maybe, he can’t say…  That got so drawn out I felt I needed to reassure him it was a general question to each of them and he *can so no and I wouldn’t be offended.  Humorously this continued a little more with the same and he, himself, reassuring *me* that if it was a flat “no” then he’d say that.  I told him to make it easier for him to just think of it as the fact that I just expressed being interested/cool with cuddling and we were both gonna be here for another month or so and it’s just left as an open statement of cooldom with me and he can say “yeah, hey” whenevs.

A simple “yeah” or “later” or “no” stretched way longer than it should’ve but it was funny.  Unfortunately (FEMALE) was gonna be there on last night but she and I knew she was gonna be back after a family visit while I’m still here so we’ll get cuddles in probably at some point.


Being a massively cuddly person with friends and Family that I love to put this out to folks I feel comfortable around and like but it can often make others feel unsure of my intentions or just plain awkward even if it were a “yes” as they’re cuddly.  So I don’t throw it out as often as I’d like, especially when living in a hostel.  There’ve been others I’ve felt cool with it, the right moment to put it across didn’t come up, so I cowardly never brought it up to them.  Hell, there are some others I’d like to cuddle now but am being cowardly about making feel weird around me.  I’m a-ok with “no”, but don’t want to cause discomfort in them.


He and I ended up gabbing before and after that for a long while


Jackie The Hostel Cat has purred for me again a couple of times and even came jogging towards me for scritches the other day in the kitchen while “rowling”.

So cute.




Nati and I joked this morning…  well, around 2 since I woke at 1…  Gotta get my sleep straight.  Going to be way later than I should consistently and then needing to take extra drugs to get to sleep when I do lay down because I took my night beds earlier and not tired.

I mean, the social life climate around here is such that it’s shifted towards evening-midnight, generally, so it isn’t that it would be wrong if I shifted my required-up time to fit that new sleep pattern here.  Adjust to new living pattern for where I am.  But that’s hard to get my head into after staying up past 2200 on purpose without it being a special occasion has been ground into me from years of trying to get on a steady schedule and the past two-three of being mostly really, really good about working in it…  So there is guilt there even though I know it’s totally irrational.


Yes, this is part of my travel blog because this is directly a matter of living over here and how that’s affecting my life.  And something totally unexpected.


I’m gonna introduce Nati to The Dummiez Bitches video as I made a crack about that this morning.

She put on 80s background YouTube for the lobby/lounging area where I am here again working on this laptop at the table.  First thing to come on?  Never Gonna Give You Up.  We both start singing along at the same part.

I ended up explaining the period of Rick Rolling people we in the US did so much before.


Had horrible night a few nights back of dinner out where vegan debate between two of the four of us at the table got going, I just held myself in and left once done with my food and said goodnight to them all and went walking.  I’d not had to run into that up to now, folks have been polite whether agreeing or disagreeing for themselves.  Was gut-kicking.


The guys selling goods on the main streets of Chinatown I use to get places have slowly stopped bothering me.  Still trying, some of them, and I give a smile and “no thanks” or some such but just keep moving.  I go through there on general errands or wondering as where we are located it’s a primary route to get places every day or third so, as a rather conspicuous person, I’m beginning to be recognized as someone who is just one who passes through doing things.


It’s very pretty at night in Chinatown.



Gonna check out some tours or stuffs to go do.  Costs are such I can. 🙂


My new travel yoga mat came in the other day and I’ve been getting some yoga done in my room.  Bought some cheap jogging clothing next door, but will be using my boots to jog as I’m not buying a pair of sneakers to carry.

However, do need to buy some new Fitkicks or whatever they were called as they were so comfy and they basically fold up like cloth to travel and super light.  Could easily jog in a pair, I think.


I fucking hate running.  Read nearby is a good place to run that also has stairs you can do which I really need to have included.


I thought my tea (hostel keeps continuous hot water maker running all day for folks to make tea or coffee) had gotten grains of loose tea a mug ago but on checking it out, no; just felt like it.  I finally finished the mug and have been typing here for a bit before going to get another and have come to realize my throat is sore.  I’m hoping I’m fighting off something or it’s a fluke, but I might’ve jinxed myself chatting with (MALE NAME) about the great pic a doc I went to had of the cartoon Batman slapping Robin with the words altered to stress that antibiotics didn’t need or work on a cold as it’s a virus.

If I develop strep or something and need antibiotics…


I also dropped my Libre Tea tea-making bottle where it shattered some and had to be thrown away.  Fuckdoodles.

Also, bad possibilities on getting my hair touched up in color around here (what else is new… everywhere on the planet so far?) so I hate to do it in this sorta setting but I may just order the stuff and say “fuck it” and dye my hair at the hostel.  The floors of the toilet/shower stalls/rooms are dark and wouldn’t stain, so hey, may be best time and place.


So, Grumpy Cat and I are still doing pretty well.






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