11-2-16 to 11-4-16 (Bangkok, Thailand) Stiff Walk, Learned To Cross the River



I felt well enough in my hips after the day off to my body that I took a short and stiff wander through the streets by being slow, careful, Tylenol, and muscle relaxer.  Just giving a small amount of snapshots I took.















View of new modern city along with old houses and templesIMG_0734







Found a vendors fair on other side where you walk out from the boat dock to the street.  Bought a handmade box with an elephant on it as it grabbed my eye and I couldn’t give it up – while thinking I need to arrange global storage company instead of Grant.

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Off around the left I went along busy water-line off the water with white wall on side. Wide and pretty busy street with occasional food vendor, tented coolness spots (which I should be using) and free water being given out often along the way.



What is he…?  Oh, check it out, he’s protecting a lizard on the tree from people wanting to go near it.

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Found the “mall” and had a nice time wondering around it, made my necessary dress purchase.  There is a wedding the next day in my hostel and I we were all alerted that if we are going to come through to do anything, even leave, we needed to be dressed appropriately for the wedding.  I did *not* have wedding-pretty style of clothing, so I was hoping maybe I could find something but doubtful due to Thai vs. Rumpus sizes.


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From my Facebook about it:

“Oh hey, it was US-people voting day yesterday, I *think* someone’s post recalled to maybe me. Clearly I’m not sure if I’m right lol. We’ll see then, I guess. Let me know.

Meanwhile, my day was essentially entirely about daring to eat a couple of fruits I’d been told we’re pineapple but did not taste like pineapple, and at the risk of both 1) trying something I couldn’t recognize by sight and 2) that even after eating and finding I liked them I’d no clue still WTF they were.

I’m one of those PICKY Eaters with an active Fear of experiencing a food unpleasant in taste or texture to me. And I don’t like pineapple. So I was FUCKING BRAVE on a MEGA PERSONAL ADVENTURE.

What is, for my personhood, engaging in risk-taking behavior.

So the entire day, doing all the stuff I did, was about this fruit during and after.

Ive video for the YouTube and blog I’m running just about this fruit.

It was firm and soft-crunchy and mild in taste between not very sweet pineapple and mango. Turns out after I asked around the Hostel staff here that it is, indeed, a pineapple.

I’m fucking awesome.”


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[yt4wp-video video_id=”gTCVwJs0ld0″]



I’ve no fucking clue what is going on. Mass exodus of people wearing black going to a place with Entrance banner today, news being made (oops, I walked behind the news woman) and a woman gave light shuvvings to her very young child to hand me something out of a bag. I tried to say hi, out of reflex, and smiled at the little girl while assuming mom was probably setting up to scam me into buying whatever it was

Turned out was a bottle of menthol jelly and the mom spoke a little to me. I kept wondering and then she shoved the little girl towards someone next to me. I started wondering if I wasn’t gonna get scammed and why. Then she shoved the child in the opposite direction a bit away and I realized they were just walking around having the little girl give them to people – with, from observing, seems to be their name/logo on it and moms shirt-back and so she’s apparently just making wise use of the thrall.


Follow Up:  Apparently there was a specific and huge gathering for part of the mourning of the king.  Huge.  I know the country is mourning him, but woah was not ready, understanding or expecting the sudden street-crowding mass of people going in the one direction to get somewhere together for paying respects.


Going on back to the river to cross and get home.

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