First, went to grocery store for stuffs.

That Mountain Dew is radioactive, by looks.


Couldn’t sleep tonight and so went out around 2300-2400 to walk down the street I’m on and check things out.

Came across a super cheap massage place half a block away and got 2hrs. Then walked further and found just around the corner another open, more expensive but 1.5hrs. So to pass the sleepless night I walked and ended up with 3.5hrs of massage done cheap.

First was better than second.

Does it count as hiring a prostitute if you give them the okay to give “extra service” (no farther than fingering) and pay him under the table at the end as his tip?

I’m not sure I can write that one of yet….

But I Did end up getting “extras” as a message parlor in the Philippines. So that’s something.

Selfie on way to bed and after showering massage oil off (and washing my undies for the day).