10-18-16 (Koror, Palau to Manila, Philippines) Talk of vaccinations and flight talk of Indian caste system

Caution, this one is total randomness of talk points in a very varied discussion between three people.  I failed to note a bunch of things, didn’t explain a ton, just jotted down a lot.


Birgit and I talk vaccinations and I tried and failed to explain pneumonia.

Japanese encephalitis
Yellow fever



Vegan dinner of 5 before airport and Birgit and I got there first of us three leaving on same Manila 2050 flight.


Satish, Birgit, and I talking caste system old and new in India.  Also ways to find out about or get travel handy points:


Chase Sapphire Reserve Card 100,000 miles. $450. – Take a look…

Can use air mileage to all of an airline or ALL OF STAR ALLIANCE  – Am already member of multiple Star Alliance airlines.



Other talks about related things:


30 miles back dated mileage

Tax law US vs German

Send Birgit global mail stuff

Lufthansa is part of Star Alliance



Palau was mostly rain with rare sunshine. Only went on that one ground tour with folks and hostel runner, otherwise walled around with others or chilled out.


On plain to Manila now. Time to put phone away. On United.



Delayed note: wish I’d started and am able to get away with videotaping safety video. Great. Really great.



After landing, approx 2230:


We all waited up to meet outside the plane and then hit immigration. Immigration didn’t give much of a fuck.

Satish separated away from us two females as he was directly transferring, she stayed with me til I had changed my money and eventually climbed in cab.

Satish took us a group pic and has my name and email, hopefully will get it.

Birgit helped me in holding GC so I could get this shot since I couldn’t manage a good angle on my own:



I usually avoid or edit out my hands holding him a bit, but in this case it’s a set of new friend’s fingers holding Grumpy Cat for me.

Hit customs concerned about my meds… Customs REALLY didn’t give a fuck. They didn’t even have the declaring/check lines open…. You just walked through the other lines – I should say 9 foot wide gaps – where the customs agent looked a little annoyed at me when I smiled and it made him mentally register a person was walking past (well, 2. Birgit and I.)


Later, around 2359ish, I got settled into my hostel. Drive in was nothing special, standard cab time without much to see out windows.

Am staying at a pretty common it looks like style of hostel where your bed is a “capsule”, meaning there is some level of curtailing and your own light and jacks.

Mine is bottom bunk, has A/C and fan, flat mirror on wall, hook at end to hold up whatevs, and my curtain is this translucent lattice work pull-down style. You know, the type as a kid where you pull them down and they hold… Or won’t and you have to fiddle, and then raise when you pull down a tad and raise… Or won’t and you have to fiddle.

The curtain leaves a bit to be desired but is actually a very awesome pod opening. I can tell from seeing the others’ that when your light is on you pretty much have a textured clear view. Little less, but you can see what the other person is up to totally.

But light off in there and it’s a black wall from the outside. – As with curtains so often normally, but in a different manner and situation with this.

My capsule is entered by crawling into the foot end. On far wall is the A/C vent, right hand wall near top is a small/medium fan, then there’s that mirror. Below these last two are three switches. When you enter you put your key card into a little metal wall holder and it let’s you use those three switches control the electric in there. The wall jacks are just a little closer to the entrance.

If I were taller the cubby may be too short but at my height and how I sleep I’ve a few inches safe from end. It’s about 3 to 3.5ft wide so it’s really roomy were my stuff out of it but I’ve no good securing system as of yet since I just grabbed food around the corner and crashed last night, more or less.

It’s easily wider than my favorite tent is by maybe 6 inches or so. Wide enough I got myself sorted and just shoved my backpack against the wall my back would be towards as I’m sleeping facing right mostly now, put my shawl-jacket over the straps and used my neck airplane squish to hold my computer screen in place and cuddled up with no feeling good of tightness. Back didn’t even touch my backpack.

Today I worked out securing my bags left behind to the very solid metal ladder that leads to the bunk above me. I’ll sort my shift later so everything is more tidy and hassle-free today later.

A couple pod-pics and a vid:



[yt4wp-video video_id=”198GMf3TwLY”]

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