12-6-16 Hostelmates outings and in-ings

Copy and Pasted from my messages in Slack to Delta last night. (Typos at tend are from then, left in intentionally here)


Out at nearby hostel bar with hostmates (of course, who hostelmates are keeps changing). Here’s one gotten of three of us together.


(I limboed here two nights ago with middle girl as one end of the bar holder, didn’t know she worked here til we confirmed that I’d seen her while limbo was happening earlier today in chatting). Kuala Lumpu, Malaysia still.


Just won a session of Slap the Jack, with the Up over everyone as I was conditioned for about four years of it taken Very Seriously with my father between about 5-9years old haha.






Tequila and pineapple juice. About $2.50.

If I need a cab home for 4-5 blocks I made a Bad Decision Tuesday.


Back at hostel, some of us decided not to get fucked up and to be able to talk above the sound system and then the rest followed. Instead, now I’m with a group of part the same and part of other hostelmates eating my peanut butter sandwich while this group does shots while we play Cards Against Humanity.

Ive worked I’ll be going to bed soon.

Night meds, alcohol hitting me finally, peanut butter sandwich, and explaining and playing CAH w/ folks whose Wnflish isn’t first language.

House rule: if you don’t understand the card because you’re an English speaker normally, you can switch out the one card.

One chick just went through three times Tim she got one she knew lol.


We’re having a cool night.


Trying to work with 4 other country’s persons’ humor.

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