8-18-16 Someone sent me my NYS DL!

On my way out of town to go to Jamaica I dropped and lost my NYS DL outside of Port Authority I realized on shuttle to airport.  :/


Fuck fuck fuck.  Thankfully had, obviously, my passport as Rumpus Parable name ID.


Over the following time since moving to this D.C. area I got a temporary one printed out and a new one mailed to me.  Have been happy to get that fixed but was still vexed over the lost one.  Again :/


I received this in the mail, very unexpectedly.





That’s amazing that someone was so sweet as to do that.  She says she found it “on the street up by Fordham”.

This means someone else had this thing traveling pretty far… over into Jersey area.  Who knows what they did between my loss and her gather.


In any case, I’m so surprised and appreciative.  I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, Alyson, but thank you.

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