2-29-16 Day 1, Springer Mtn to Hawk Shelter Area

Feb 29


Morning I started out from Hiker Hostel to go the .9 miles south uphill to the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail, Springer Mountain, so I could then turn around and proceed downhill and onto my trip north.

2016-02-29 10.09.44

2016-02-29 10.12.39


Many pretty and flat-out beautiful areas covered with old and new pine needles.

2016-02-29 11.07.53


For those not familiar, the Trail is marked by white blazes. Very pretty walk along for a good while where these green leaves surrounded me.

2016-02-29 11.26.07


A beautiful, beautiful “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me” moments between the nifty mix of bridges and the (it doesn’t show it truly as much as it was) high angle uphill started a long ways as stone-built steps…. Beautiful because of the view itself, the mental phrase (repeated) because of the second bridge and those stairs.

2016-02-29 12.32.20

2016-02-29 12.32.26


I have not been the only person, by a many already, who feels whoever put in some of these stairs was just some sadistic bastard.

There are places that absolutely, yes, putting stone or wood-supported stairs makes sense in situations of path angle or drainage control…  But you know that the majority of those things are because someone thought they’d look pretty/cute.

Those polled agree with my often mentally repeated, also, curses of “I’ll walk up a steep incline all day, but I didn’t sign up for fucking StairMaster”.

Should’ve worn my front pack as I hit The Wall about 2.5 miles from the Hawk’s Mountain Shelter.   Needed to snack first day when had almost/roughly 5-6 miles under me at that point.  I hit that shift from burning carbs vs. fat and protein and that 20 minutes it took for my body to push past it was the longest part of my day.

The rest was gruelingly great.

Made it to the camp near Hawk’s Shelter.  Have developed minor blisters in places unexpected and taped mid-way.

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