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10-22-16 to 10-31-16 (Manila, Philippines and Quezon City) Changing hostels

1143   Arriving WAY too early for check-in at next hostel. So out if character, right? Is it a bad sign when your driver doesn’t seem to be able to understand your directions and then gets out reading glasses to… Continue Reading →

10-21-16. (Manila, Philippines) Jeepney, Intramuros, and I Can Do Math

1315   Having the “jeepney experience” as I and my little last landlady called it. Am on way to San Augustin inside Intramuros. Shall see. Beside us at light, others doing same. Around the inside of mine:     1334… Continue Reading →

10-20-16 (Manila, Philippines) Can’t Sleep, Prostitution?

First, went to grocery store for stuffs. That Mountain Dew is radioactive, by looks. Couldn’t sleep tonight and so went out around 2300-2400 to walk down the street I’m on and check things out. Came across a super cheap massage… Continue Reading →

10-19-16 (Manila, Philippines) Afternoon Across the Street

Across kiddycorner from my hostel is a major mall. I’m taking a forced-relaxation day because arrival makes me feel like I HAVE TO GO GO GO GO to see things like on past tourist trips. Taking the day wandering in… Continue Reading →

10-18-16 (Koror, Palau to Manila, Philippines) Talk of vaccinations and flight talk of Indian caste system

Caution, this one is total randomness of talk points in a very varied discussion between three people.  I failed to note a bunch of things, didn’t explain a ton, just jotted down a lot.   Birgit and I talk vaccinations… Continue Reading →

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